3Ton L Type Hydraulic Elevating And Electric Revolving Welding Positioner with Chuck
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3Ton L Type Hydraulic Elevating And Electric Revolving Welding Positioner with Chuck


The 3Ton L type hydraulic elevate and revolve welding positioner can be classified as heavy duty. With this loading capacity and above, it is completely special made: Unique design for unique customer on unique equipment.



   1) Customers on this tonnage of hydraulic lifting and revolving welding positioner come from facilities building

       engineering or construction vehicles;

   2) Workpieces used on it are large size and heavy weight components, such as front carriage frame of wheel 

      loader, or scraper basket of motor grader, etc.


The 3Ton L type elevating and revolving weld positioner with chuck usually has equipment height of 4m; And according to workpiece size, L arm vertical stroke is around 1200~ 1500mm.


In the previous sections of 1Ton/1.2Ton/2Ton hydraulic revolve and lift welding positioner, we have covered subjects for this series of product in respect of:

   1) Machine structure and main components;

   2) Control axis and logic;

   3) Main specifications;

   4) Specialties for the equipment;

   5) Safety measures

Which apply to full range of this series of L type revolve and lift welding positioner.


In this section for 3Ton, we will make some complements on operation of the equipment:


    1)As can be seen from the above picture, for the large hydraulic lift and revolve weld positioner, sometimes a

      round of platform is installed encircling operating area of the equipment. This platform has 2 functions: To

     raise operating height for more easy and comfortable work; And form up a forbidden area against outsides;

   2) With the increase of tonnage, so is size of the equipment. For small revolve and lift weld positioner such as

     1Ton, it is applicable to have machine management with panel on control board; Now, for the much more 

     larger of 3Ton, remote pendantis a better choice. See below 2 pictures on various formats of operating 

    pendant. As to operation itself, it is simple and plain: Machine On/Off; L arm Up/Down; FOR/RVR revolve of L

    arm and worktable respectively;

Pendant 1Pendant 2

   3) Loading of workpiece onto the equipment: As introduced in the beginning of this product family of L type

      hydraulic elevate and revolve weld positioner, its most salient advantage lies at easy and convenient and safe

      loading. The process should be as this:

       - First lower the L arm to its bottom, and have worktable parallel with floor surface;

       - Load workpiece onto the chuck of worktable with travel crane or jib crane or some other proper hoist tool;

       - Then proceed with following operations


With this we come to the completion of product section of L type hydraulic lifting and revolving weld positioner, or some people call it L type electric elevate and revolve welding positioner (We prefer the former one).


As a summary, this series of product is generally custom-made, for which every time we need to spend many times to communicate with customers on best solution.


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