Double Table Top Lifting And Rotation Servo Drive Welding Positioner
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Double Table Top Lifting And Rotation Servo Drive Welding Positioner


With this segment of double table top servo drive lifting and revolving welding positioner (Really long name indeed), we wrap up introduction on groups of “mainstream” welding positioner.

Here the “mainstream” means these types of welding positioner of previous introduced, covering single work table, two table top, “ordinary” drive, servo drive, one/two/three degree of freedom of revolve/tilt/rotation/elevation, to this section of servo drive lift and revolve welding positioner, take up most majority in application of welding positioner, estimated about 80%~85%. From next section we will make present on some “niche” or minority kinds of welding positioner.


In complete set of dedicated welding system, the factors influencing welding quality are not confined to welding power source, welding wire, and wire feeder. The welding equipment such as welding positioner is of vital importance. Traditionally, these equipment are called “auxiliary”, or “supporting” welding mechanisms. Actually, they play really important role in function of the large complete set of welding groups, and weigh heavily in terms of production cost, machining precision, budget ratio, and technical content. The servo drive lifting and revolving welding positioner of this section is a typical example. In certain means, it represents comprehensive strength of an entity in welding industry.


In the previous section of several types of servo drive welding positioner, we have discussed topics on Drive& Transmission/ Precision Requirement/ Control Logic/ Application, which are common points for this type of products, and need not to be repeated again here in this part of servo lifting and revolving welding positioner. We will proceed to explore some unique specialties with such servo equipment a little further.


Working with robot:

   1) Coordination: In welding station of robot, for the purpose of getting optimum welding position, workpiece

      need to be manipulated with the servo lift and revolve welding positioner. In this case, either the welding

     positioner and robot move individually(of course this is more easy), or move in-phase, or called coordination,

     that robot performs welding in the process of welding positioner in motion. Such composite working of 

     positioner with robot have actually making axis of the servo elevate and revolve welding positioner part of

     robot control axis. And such kind of welding system can have up to 7~20 control axis available, or even more;

   2) Interface: Control of welding power source and servo drive elevating and revolving welding positioner is

    usually with analog signal, while robot is in digital signal. So, often there is interface used in control system of

     welding system. It is generally special module of PLC. In other words, chain of controllers is used;

   3) Speed control of three control axis (Revolve/ Rotation/ Elevation): The “ordinary” drive welding 

    positioner has only one control axis speed adjustable, which is the welding performed axis (revolve or rotation).

    And in servo elevating and revolving welding positioner, because of servo motor, all the three movement can

   have speed adjustable in high precision. This meets the demand on fine control of robot welding;

   4) Application and Benefit:

     - The complicated welding system composed of robot and servo drive elevate and revolve welding positioner is

      generally used for welding broad range of large and/or special workpieces, such as box type, shaft type, which

      have request on high precision and high quality, in the industries of Electric Power, Electrical Appliances,

      Construction Machinery, Vehicles, Automobiles, etc.;

     - With the introduction of such sophistic welding system, brings along sequence of benefit, including reducing

      labor intensity, improving welding quality, increasing productivity, and raising finished product consistency.

In all, the use of double table top servo drive elevating and revolving welding positioner, and other types of servo welding positioner, in robot station and other advanced automatic welding system, has broad prospect.


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