L Type Variable Speed Welding Positioner with Digital Display
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L Type Variable Speed Welding Positioner with Digital Display


If divide welding positioner into routine type (Single table top as introduced previously) and particular type, this L type welding positioner is the 1st one should to be mentioned.


  1. Distinction of L type Weld Positioner:

       - It has different appearance at first glance compared with the single table type. Sometimes it is also called as I

         type welding positioner, depending on how you view it;

   2. Formation of the I type weld positioner:

       Please check attached design print.

      1) Machine bed--- For holding the entire system as a base;

      2) Machine column --- For supporting vertical revolve of L-arm;

      3) L-arm --- For leading working table rotation and revolve in 360°. There is counterweight at its top (black 

         color) to offset weight of worktable and workpiece;

      4) Work table --- For fitting workpiece on its top. Its revolve speed is adjustable with inverter, with digital 

          display. In this sense, it is a variable speed welding positioner, or welding positioner with digital display, 


      5) Motion --- So, for this I type weld positioner, L arm can revolve around a shaft in the column in vertical 

         plane, in constant speed; Meanwhile, work table can revolve on the front extension of L arm, in adjustable

         speed; Both revolve are within the scope of 0°~ 360°;

      6) Machine bed, machine column, L-arm, work table of this variable speed weld positioner are all welding 

         structure members;

   3.  Common point of this weld positioner with digital display:

        This welding positioner also has 2 control axis, or, in other words, 2 degree of freedom;

    4. Application of this variable speed welding positioner with digital display:

      - Its usage is generated from its most conspicuous advantage of easy fit-up: As can be seen from its design,

        compared with conventional single table top welding positioner, which has relatively high worktable, this L

       type weld positioner has worktable of very low height, which is convenient for fit-up and dismantle of 


    5. Workpiece applicable for this L type or I type welding positioner:

      -  Those with comparatively heavy weight and small size. For example, engines, etc.


A supplement on this type of variable speed weld positioner with digital display: It is just starting point of special designed welding positioner. Due to its stationary linear motion along Z-axis (which means, height of L-arm can not be changed), there is certain restrictions to its function. So, many more types of upgrade and more complicated welding positioners are waiting ahead.


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