Double Table Top Lifting Type Welding Positioner with Chuck
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Double Table Top Lifting Type Welding Positioner with Chuck


This double table top lifting type welding positioner is come into being with adding an additional elevating axis on the basis of the former introduced head and tail type.

So, the double table top lifting welding positioner has 2 degrees of freedom:

   1) Workpiece revolve around the central horizontal axis, which is the main degree of freedom;

   2) Workpiece travels up and down in vertical direction, it is the auxiliary degree of freedom;

   3) The workpiece is fit on the equipment with the chucks at both ends (head and tail). The chucks (Or connecting

      round plate) have holes for bolting. So, it is a lifting type welding positioner with chuck.


Main points of this double table top lift type welding positioner:

   1) The reason on vertical movement: In welding positioner of two columns, revolve is main degree of freedom,

      with its control most majority of manual welding can be performed

   2) For large size workpiece, additional freedom of elevation is necessary: After it is fit onto the welding 

      positioner, with the revolve process there exist potential risk of interference with the ground. Or, in other

     words, no sufficient room for workpiece revolve. In such occasion, the workpiece should be raised to certain

     height for revolving. This forms up lifting type weld positioner with chuck;

   3) Unlike elevation movement in L-type, up and down movement of this double table top lifting type weld

    positioner is driven with motor reducer and transmitted with leadscrew or chain. The reason behind that is,

   with the double column at both ends, and one is driving type the other is idle, they need to move in-phase. And

   hydraulic transmission does not have good performance in terms of synchronization;

   4)To guarantee safety with its mechanical elevation system for this lift type weld positioner with chuck, a series

     of measures are taken: Motor is braking type; Chain and /or leadscrew adopted are with higher insurance 

    factor; Equipped with one-stage reverse stroke self-lock unit, etc.;

   5) The revolve of workpiece is reversible ±0°~ 360° of adjustable revolution pace;

   6) Tonnage of this double table top lift type welding positioner with chuck is generally within the range of 1Ton

     ~ 5Ton (Over 50% practice). And as high as 10Ton or even more is also available. All of these are custom-made:

    Which means technical proposal and specification need to be discussed and confirmed back and forth before

    final made;

   7) Vertical stroke of this lift type welding positioner with chuck, for 1Ton it is around 800mm~ 1000mm; For 

     5Ton it is around 2000mm;

    8) Of the two columns of this double table top lifting weld positioner, same as head and tail type product, one

       is stationary with motor fitted, working as driving side; The other can be either stationary, or travel available

       along the rail. For heavy-duty equipment such as 5Ton or 10Ton, the travel along the rail should be motor 



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