Single Work Table Servo Drive Precision Welding Positioner
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Single Work Table Servo Drive Precision Welding Positioner


This precision welding positioner is servo drive, so it can also be named as servo drive welding positioner. Same as the previous elevating type, it is another subsidiary of single table top type. For this reason, this product has the full name of single work table servo drive welding positioner.


  1) Application scenarios of the servo welding positioner:

    - Robot welding;

    - Painting/ Assembly/ Ultrasonic Examination/ Radiographic Inspection/Manual Detection… All the situations

       which involve position manipulation of high precision;

    - Most majority conditions, automatic welding, instead of manual welding

   2) Difference (or Specialty)of the servo drive precision welding positioner:

    - The most distinct feature of servo precision welding positioner is its high degree of precision: Based on 

      dimension of workpiece, as well as welding process technology, the precision of both revolving and tilting can

      be within the scope of ±0.03°;

    - Driveof precision servo welding positioner is by means of servo motor, and detected with encoder, composing

      a closed-loop control circuit of negative feedback. This guarantees its top level of precision;

    - Transmission of the servo drive welding positioner is by chain of planetary precision reducer, with clearance-

     eliminating function. This is another manner making sure highly precision of the welding positioner;

    - Controllerof several species, for example, robot, CNC, PLC and its special module, can be connected with the

       precision servo welding positioner by interface port;

    3) Worktable is also different, mainly lies in its workpiece fixture. Under majority application, the precise servo

      welding positioner is custom-made, which means workpiece applicable for this equipment is dedicated. So, as

      can be seen from attached picture, there is no T-slot in the worktable of this servo precise welding positioner;

     4) Operation: As talked in item1, this type of servo welding positioner is usually for automatic welding, or

       assembly, painting, detecting… etc.; So, human intervention is kept to the least degree. Speed control is 

       realized with servo-system, rather inverter as for conventional welding positioner;

     5) Loading Capacity of these servo drive precision welding positioner is confined to light duty and medium

       duty also: The max. should be 3Ton in normal conditions


As summary,

   1) Single Work Table Servo Welding Positioner itself has many concrete patterns; Besides,  it is just one kind of

      the servo drive welding positioner;

    2) There are also numerous other forms such as L type, double table top … of servo drive weld positioner, which

       will be introduced in the following product sections.


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