PR-series Electric Variable Speed Universal Pipe Rotator for Welding
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PR-series Electric Variable Speed Universal Pipe Rotator for Welding


PR-series pipe rotator is for welding pipe/tube/elbow of various specifications. By turning and tilting, the workpiece is adjusted to best position for welding. Examples of workpiece see below sketch:


Description of the equipment:

  1) This universal pipe rotator is motor driven;

  2) During working, pipe/tube/elbow is put on table top of the equipment, supported and turned with 2 pieces of

      rollers at its beneath (bottom rollers), and held firmly with another roller at its top (top roller). See below 


Press and support

   3) From its structure can be seen, this electric pipe rotator has three control axis, or degree of freedom:

     a) Pipe/Tube/Elbow axial revolve, speed adjustable with inverter, 0°~ 360° ;

     b) Pipe/Tube/Elbow radial tilt, or swing, constant speed, -45°~+45°;

     c) The top pressing roller downward movement, constant speed, both motor drive and manual control of two


     4) This variable speed pipe rotator has two standard models of PR24 and PR40, for welding small & medium

        size, and medium & large size of pipe/tube/elbow respectively;

     5) This pipe rotator for welding has strong points of compact design and easy handling. It is integral structure,

        no need to have foundation made ahead of time. Just secure it into ground with anchor bolts;

     6) This compact pipe rotator has advantages of easy and user-friendly operation. It can relieve labor intensity,

         and improve welding quality to a great extent;

     7) As to its application, this electric pipe rotator for welding can be used in facilities involving certain amount of

        pipe/tube/elbow welding, in both manual and automatic welding. Especially at ship-building plant;

     8) For this product group of universal pipe rotator for welding, we will give instruction with four sections 

        (including this one), covering detailed model and general group;

     9) From next product of PR24 variable speed pipe rotator for welding we will have deep down explore on 

       structure/parameters/performance of this series of electric compact pipe rotator.


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