HLK Motor Drive Travelable Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt
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HLK Motor Drive Travelable Adjustable Welding Rotator by Bolt


This unit of HLK travelable rolling bed is the first type of “special-made” product on the basis of conventional adjusting weld rotator by bolt.

    1. Comparison between Travelable Turn roller of bolt adjustment with Self-adjusting and Leadscrew


    1) Workpiece Scope:

      - Can be either light duty of small automatic turning roller, or medium duty and heavy duty. Please check 

        attached picture on traveling type adjustable turn roller by bolt, from 2Ton to 800Ton;

    2) Traveling Boundary:

     - Due to usually higher capacity as in the case of bolt-adjusting automatic turn roller, it is usually in the form of

       guiderail in the shopfloor, instead of platform. In other words, longer travel distance;

    3) Application Scenario:

      i.  Transshipment;

     ii.  Those working site not suitable for people access, such as painting, blasting…, etc.;

     iii.  Interconnected with manipulator and or submerged arc welding machine, to composing into welding 

        center,  for performing circumferential and or longitudinal welding of both internal and or external seams on

       pipe/ tube/ tank/ vessel. This is one of the most often seen application in welding operation. Please check 

       below picture:

Welding center

      iv.  In all, with the supplementary moving function, the equipment of HLK general purpose welding rotators 

          can be used in numerous sites;

   4) Management of Traveling:

       i. Please check attached picture of 800Ton. For heavy duty of traveling type high efficiency turning roll, usually

         its roller bed is made into the form of trolley, for better loading capacity;

       ii.  Besides, there is a handwheel one each of the wheel cover, for stopping the traveling motion in double 


       iii.  Please check attached picture of 2Ton travelable rolling bed. It can be configured together with special-

          designed mechanism, to be used at dedicated occasion, making it a more universal welding rotator.


   2.  Durability of Travelable Adjusting Weld Rotator by Bolt

    1) This equipment is very often used in working site of rigorous surroundings:

      -  Welding fields with large amounts of fume/heat generated;

      -  Painting/ Polishing/Lining site of pernicious gas engendered;

In this respect, in the design and production of these general purpose welding rotator, we take its safety/firmness as the first priority:

       i.  Mechanical system is made of high quality steel plates/sections with sufficient margin in thickness and size;

          Heat treatment ensuing welding; Strictly-controlled assembly process and inspection;

      ii. Electric control system conforms to Chinese national standard and IEEE;

      iii. Control board dust-proof, with ventilating and protection grade IP40;

       iv. The whole equipment of these efficient turning rolls fall within equipment requirement of API (American 

           Petroleum Institute);

Besides, from customers perspective,

        i.  These automatic turning rollers should be used at environment of ventilation, rain- proof, moisture-proof 

           and dust-proof;

       ii. Away from fierce vibration and bumping;

       iii. No corruptive liquid dropped onto the equipment;

        iv. For the general purpose welding rotator of rubber and or PU rollers, it should be worked in normal 

           atmospheric temperature. In extreme conditions, the temperature at contact point between workpiece and

           the roller should not exceed 75°C.


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