Frame Type Stable Performance Hydraulic 150Ton Plate Flipping Equipment
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Frame Type Stable Performance Hydraulic 150Ton Plate Flipping Equipment


The hydraulic drive 150Ton Plate Flipping Rack, as its name implies, is used for flipping steel plate within the range of 0° ~ 180°.


1.     Equipment Usage:

In Bridge Construction sites and Port Machinery facilities, sometimes it is necessary to overturn steel plate up to 180°, especially large size thick plate, which traveling crane can not fulfil the task. Under such condition, the heavy duty 150Ton Plate Flipping equipment is a proper choice.


2.     Equipment Structure:

1)      The hydraulic plate overturning equipment is composed of main frame, hydraulic system and electrical system;

2)      Main frame is composed of 4 sets of rockshafts, base frame, turnover arms respectively;

3)      During operation, workpiece (plate) is put onto the 4 sets of the driving arms, and turned over driven with 4 sets of hydraulic cylinders;

4)      The 4 sets of idle arms waits at 95°. When the workpiece plate is turned over to idle arms at about 90°, the 4 sets of idle arms take over the workpiece plate and flip it to the horizontal position;

5)      In this way, the workpiece plate is turned over 180° with these 4 sets of plate overturning racks successfully;

6)      During work of the plate flipping equipment, the 4 sets of driving arms and 4 sets of idle arms flip the workpiece simultaneously;

7)      The 4 sets of driving arms are driven with hydraulic station;

8)      Each pair of the driving and idle arms are laid inside ground pit when the plate flipping machine is not in work;

9)      The hydraulic oil cylinders are also installed inside the workshop floor pit. During working period of the plate overturning machine, the oil cylinders act and push up the driving arms, which in turn rotate and flip the workpiece plate;

10)   Cables and oil pipes of this plate hydraulic flipping equipment are arranged through drag chain, featuring in safe operation, good appearance and consistent delivery;

11)   The whole set of Plate hydraulic overturning equipment has compact size and user- friendly operation.


3.     Range of Supply:

One set of 150 Ton Plate Hydraulic Flipping Rack includes:

1)      Four sets of frames, each has one set of drive arm and one idle arm respectively;

2)      Eight sets of overturning oil cylinder, overturning bearing bed, and hose;

3)      One set of 15kW hydraulic pump station;

4)      One set of electrical control board


4.     Technical Parameters:

Suitable for this 150 Ton Plate Hydraulic Overturning Rack:

Flipping   Range


Max.   Loading Capacity

150   tons

Max.   Plate Width for Flipping

4000   mm

Max.   Plate Length for Flipping

15000   mm

Max.   Plate Thickness for Flipping

150   mm

180° Overturning Time Spent

2.5   min.

Max.   Pressure of Hydraulic System

16   MPa


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