LHG Lamp Post Gantry Welding Machine for Electric Light Pole
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LHG Lamp Post Gantry Welding Machine for Electric Light Pole


The Lamp Post Welding machine is a special purpose welding machine for long straight longitudinal submerged arc welding on large size structure members, such as lamp post.


  1. Background:

    1)       In the welding procedure of lamp post, after back welding of the long longitudinal seam, it is necessary to have welding cover in the form of SAW (Submerged arc welding has the good points of deep penetration, large melt width and good welding forming);

    2)       This equipment is the specialized welding machine for implementing such long straight longitudinal seam welding of SAW;

    3)       It can be used for all kinds of long and large diameter structure members;


    2. Specification:

Dimension of workpiece that can be welded with this Lamp Post Welding machine:

  Fig1 Workpiece

Workpiece Length L

9000 ~ 16000 mm

Large End Diameter D


Small End Diameter d


Workpiece Taper


Workpiece Weight



    3. Structure:

    1)       Please check attached pictures for photo and design of this special purpose welding machinery for long straight longitudinal welding.

    2)       As can be checked, the equipment has main units of traveling gantry, internal elevating platform, roller bed type workpiece supporting unit, welding system including power supply & wire feeder & flux recycling unit, drive and transmission system, guiding system, and electric control system;

    3)       Judging from appearance, this special purpose welding equipment incorporates gantry, box frame and turning roll into an integral structure for its mechanical machine body;

    4)       Gantry frame:

      i.           The large scale box gantry structure forms trunk of this large size and heavy duty special welding equipment.

     ii.           It is assembled into shape with welding structure members. Its fabrication has superior welding quality, making sufficient strength and rigidity to hold up the entire set of mechanism for carrying out long straight longitudinal submerged arc welding on large workpieces;

      iii.           Its travel along the rails is double drive, with Y-series motor reducer driving and transmission system of high precision, making smooth and stable running of this big jumbo;

    5) The internal elevating platform:

      i.           The platform installed inside the box gantry frame is the executing unit of this specialized welding equipment. Its elevation is for the purpose of accommodating various diameter of workpiece;

      ii.           Vertical view of the elevating platform sees below sketch:

  Fig2 Machine structure 2_WPS图片

      iii.           Components of welding system are put onto this platform, including power supply, flux recycling unit and its flux hopper, wire spool;

    6) Roller bed structure support unit:

      i.           It is for holding the workpiece of this lamp post welding machine;

     ii.           There are two sets of the roller bed, one driving and the other idle. Considering long length of the workpiece, their distance is adjustable.


    4. Operation:

    1)       To start working of this special purpose welding machine, first drive the gantry to one end of the rails;

    2)       Hoist the workpiece onto its supporting unit of roller beds;

    3)       Revolve the roller beds, making the seam at the position of 12:00;

    4)       Adjust position of welding torch, deploy welding flux, and start on power supply, for fulfilling long straight longitudinal seam welding on the workpiece.


    5. Parameters:

Parameter of this specialized welding machine:

Gantry Travel Speed (Welding Speed)

0.2 ~ 2.0m/min

Gantry Travel Drive Motor

2 x 1.1kW, double drive

Gantry Travel Rail

24kg/m, precise honing

Welding Torch Transverse Moving Motor

0.2 kW

Platform Elevating Motor

2.2 kW

Platform Elevating Speed

1.5 m/min.



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