LHA5C Side Control Gantry Type H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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LHA5C Side Control Gantry Type H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


LHA5C side control H Beam gantry welding equipment produces H Beam with web size of up to 2000mm, which is the largest type same as LHA55Z in center control. In this respect, it can be called as Large Gantry type H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine officially as its full name.

As review, for gantry sketch of side control, please check attached illustration.


Summary introduction on Automatic H Beam Gantry Welding Equipment including LHA5C:

  1) Outline:

   This automated H Beam gantry welding equipment is for automatic SAW of H Beam.

   -  After assembled and spot welded with Assembly and Tack Welding machine, the H Beam is put on the 

      supporting racks of this large H Beam submerged arc welding machine, in the flat position of 45° fillet weld. 

     (The supporting racks are put and fixed on the workshop floor beneath the gantry);

   -  The 2 carriages fit with 2 sets of SAW welding torch can move leftward and rightward along transverse beam

     of gantry, and up and down along the 2 arms installed on the transverse beam of gantry. In this way, the 2 

     welding torches can move along 3-axis of X/Y/Z, making its tip aiming at welding seams all along (the forward

     and backward movement of welding torches in horizontal plane is realized with gantry travel along the rails);

    - There are 2 sets of automatic welding seam tracing unit at front end of the 2 carriages (one tracing unit in one

       carriage each);

    - Gantry moves along rails, performing automatic SAW welding on the 2 pieces of H Beam;

    - This series of efficient H Beam gantry welding equipment is also equipped with automatic Flux Deposition and

      Recovery unit;

  2) Major components:

As introduced in previous product, this high precision H Beam gantry welding equipment is mainly composed of gantry, carriages, welding torch mechanical tracker, welding machine, flux recovery and recycling unit, gas system and electric control system;

  3) Transmission of Welding units

  - By means of sets of adjustable eccentric roller and high precision V-section rail, vertical and horizontal smooth

     travel of welding torches can be guaranteed;

  - The horizontal movement of carriages is controlled with handle reducer and gear-rack unit;

  - Vertical motion of welding torch is fulfilled with motor reducer and gear-rack;   

  4) SAW process controlled with Arc Tracing unit:

    The 2 sets of arc tracing unit serve as feedback of welding process, sending signal to control system of this high

    quality H Beam gantry welding equipment, and thus 2 sets of welding power supply accordingly. To be specific,

     it monitors welding process of SAW, and sends back detecting signal to control center, forming a closed-loop

     negative feedback control system of SAW process.

    These 2 sets of arc tracing unit are designed and made by us (Wuxi JACK), and installed on the welding 

    carriages on the transverse beam of the gantry.


Below are specifications of this LHA5C side control Large Gantry style H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine:




Operator   Working Position

Both sides of Gantry, external sides of supporting racks

H Beam Flange   Width (mm)

200 ~ 800

H Beam Flange   Thickness (mm)

6 ~  40

Can be special made

H Beam Web   Height (mm)

200 ~ 2000

H Beam Web   Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 32

Can be special made

H Beam Length   (mm)

4000 ~ 15000

Gantry   Span (mm)


Gantry   Travel Rail Length (mm)




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