Industrial Universal Electric Variable Speed Welding Turntable
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Industrial Universal Electric Variable Speed Welding Turntable


Welding turning table is a simplified welding positioner. It makes workpiece revolving around vertical axis, or axis of certain fixed angle, for Welding/ Hardfacing/ Cut of cylindrical parts. In this sense, it is a kind of universal welding turntable, which has extensive practice.


Description of this Weld Turning Table:

   1) Control Axis: It has only one degree of freedom as the above mentioned;

   2) Speed Control: In most majority conditions this revolve speed (welding speed) is adjustable with inverter,

      meeting the requirement of welding technology;

   3) Loading Capacity: There are various of tonnage with this series of variable speed welding turning table. The

      often-used models are 2Ton/ 3Ton/ 5Ton/ 10Ton. Higher than this specification should be classified as heavy

     -duty. Currently in industry the max. is 50Ton.;

    4) Deceleration Mechanism: This variable speed welding turntable usually has broad range of reduction ratio.

       Not uncommon is 330:1. For this reason, secondary deceleration is often introduced to this electric welding

       turning table. Please check below picture. One side is worm gear reducer, the opposing side is cycloidal pin

      wheel reducer. With such combinational reduction unit, the ideal reduction ratio can be met with the weld 



    5) Equipment Structure: Also, as can be seen from the above picture, the motor/ reducers are put at both sides

        of bed of the electric welding turntable. Such kind of design has at least three advantages of:

        - Stable center of gravity;

        - Symmetrical deployment makes good appearance of equipment;

        - The whole set of driving and transmission system will not extend beyond bed of the equipment. So, it saves

          land and space occupation;

     6) Put into Use: This universal weld turntable can be used as a set of individual welding machine, or as 

        supplementary unit in a complete set of welding station;

     7) Main Motion unit: Revolving work table is the execution mechanism of this weld turning table. It has same

         exterior and internal as that of Single Table Top Welding positioner. A set of slewing support also is used for

        driving the work table into rotation. Same as the single worktable weld positioner, there are 6 pieces of T-

       slots cut in the surface of work table, for fitting and securing workpiece of various sizes and species. Special

       fixture is also available to the used in this universal welding turning table;

    8) Durability of the Equipment: Besides the conductive device which is an indispensable unit with all kinds of

      welding positioner, this electric welding turning table also shares the common point of good Grounding / 

      Water connection (if necessary)/ Gas connection (if necessary)/ Heat conduction/ Ventilation.


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