HJ-20 Hydraulic High Quality Lengthways H Beam Straightening Machine
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HJ-20 Hydraulic High Quality Lengthways H Beam Straightening Machine


HJ20 is the smallest model of this HJ-series hydraulic lengthways H Beam straighten machine. It has same Straightening principle/ Machine structure/Operation as HJ300/200/100, which have been covered in the previous sections.


In this section of HJ20, we will have an introduction on Operation Precaution and Trial Run of this HJ lengthways high quality I Beam straightening equipment.


  1. Operation Precaution

     HJ is a mature product with intuitive and user-friendly operation. On the other hand, there are several points for

     attention on its normal working:

   1) Pressing Head (Point3) and the 2 carriages (Point 1&2) on the transverse beam

    - These are straightening execution unit of this lengthwise hydraulic I Beam straightening equipment;

   - They are made of the material 35 molybdenum complex, and went thru heat treatment, with sufficient strength

     to withstand repeat straightening job on daily basis;

   - These components have same service life as the machine itself, and do not need to be replaced under normal


   - On the other hand, to have a reasonable and thoughtful maintenance on these units is a great contributing

     factor on stable and consistent running of this HJ-series longitudinal I Beam straighten equipment

   2) Before advance and retreat of input &output conveyor, be sure to make H-beam away from the 2 carriages

      (Point1&2) and pushing cylinders (Ejector 1&2);

   3) Before straightening, be sure to retract pushing cylinder, otherwise the cylinder may be damaged;

   4)  Before operation, adjust height of supporting rollers of mainframe, making H-beam web at the same level as

       straightening driving cylinders of this hydraulic I Beam straighten equipment;

  2. Trial Run

  [1] Before Trial Run:

    1) Perform trial-idle-run on this length direction I Beam straighten equipment, making sure normal condition of

        all components and parts, and all transmission units are applied with lubricating oil or grease;

    2) Start conveyor motor both in FOR/RVR directions 3 times repeatedly, making sure its normal running;

    3) In inching mode, check and make sure revolve direction of oil pump motor is identical with indicated on the

      fan. Then start on the motor, and regulate hydraulic pressure to around 10Mpa. After 4 minutes idle running, 

     start all cylinders in inching mode 5 times repeatedly to check they are in normal condition;

    4) Trial production of this HJ-series high precision I Beam straightening equipment can begin after confirming all

        are in normal condition.

  [2] In Trial Run:

    1) Manually regulate distance between the 2 carriages along the transverse beam, and secure its with bolts 

        manually at completion of adjustment;

    2) Hoist H-beam or other kinds of workpiece onto input conveyor with travel crane, pressing “FORWARD”

       button, advancing H-beam to straightening section;

   3) Press “Press and Straightening” button, driving the pressing head by means of oil cylinder to straighten


   4) At completion of straightening, press “Release” button, the pressing head retracts driven with oil cylinder 


   5) Press “Auxiliary Extend” button, pushing workpiece away from straightening supporting block (The 2

       Ejectors); Then press “Auxiliary Shrink” button, and retract the cylinders;

   6) Press “Advance” button, workpiece travels forward in certain distance;

   7) Repeat the above-mentioned steps, until completing straightening task along whole length of the workpiece.


As wrapping up of this section of HJ-series length direction high efficiency I Beam straightening equipment, as well as the entire product family of H Beam straightening machine, below is a short summary on these equipment,

   1) HYJ-40/800 Vertical Mechanical I Beam Straightening Equipment for Flange;

   2) YTJ-40/50/60/80 Vertical Hydraulic H Beam Straightening machine for Flange;

   3) WJ-25/40 Horizontal Hydraulic H Beam Straighten machine for Flange;

   4) HJ-series Hydraulic Lengthways H Beam Straighten equipment;







H Beam

H Beam

H Beam

H Beam/

BOX Beam/

Section Steel/

Structural Members

Deform location




Length direction

Workpiece position

Vertical (Standing)

Vertical (Standing)


(Lying down)


(Lying down)

Drive Power






Of these the HYJ-series (40/800) mechanical I Beam straighten equipment has the widest application among all these products, account for over 50% of this kind.



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