HGK Special Made Electric Travelable Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew
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HGK Special Made Electric Travelable Adjustable Welding Rotator by Leadscrew


The adjustable turn roller by leadscrew discussed in this segment is made on the basis of the previous traveling type. Say concretely, on the basis of travelable capability, this product has its center distance adjustable with motor-drive leadscrew. It is a special made welding rotator.


Let’s explore this tailor made turning roll with below topics of:

   1. How many sets of motor reducers in one set of such custom made turn roller?

Driving roller bed

Driving Roller bed

Idler Roller bed

Idler Roller bed

Check from the above 2 pictures,

    1) 2 sets of worm gear motor reducers for 2 rollers of driving bed;

    2) 2 sets of worm gear motor reducers for driving leadscrews, 1 set each for driving and idler roller bed;

    3) 1 set of worm gear motor reducer for driving the idler roller bed into travel;

    4) So, one set of this design of HGK special travelable roller bed has 5 worm gear reducers in total;

    5) If equip the driving roller bed with traveling function, another worm gear motor reducer added;

   2. Why worm gear motor reducer, instead of cycloidal motor reducer?

    1) Worm gear motor reducer has wider range of reduction ratio, compared with cycloidal motor reducer;

    2) As introduced in the previous section of traveling turn roller managed with leadscrew, worm gear motor

       reducer has better ability of heat dissipation. It is very important for welding work site;

    3. The purpose of designing and making such special made weld rotator?

    1) The number one reason is quick and labor-saving of center-distance adjustment by leadscrew. Raising an

        example, it is very similar to remote control for watching TV…;

    2) Besides, it improves automation degree of this efficient rolling bed;

    4.  How to operate the motor-drive leadscrew for adjusting center distance of rollers?

     1) Do not make confusion. For this tailor made turning roller of traveling and leadscrew self-adjusting function,

       no need to have in-phase control of leadscrew adjustment on drive and idle roller beds. In other words, the 2

       beds can be adjusted with leadscrew separately. This is different from workpiece revolve, which should be in

       synchronization between driving and idler roller bed;

     2) There are buttons on panel for starting on and off the leadscrews of driving and idler roller beds respectively;

     3) For precise management of leadscrew travel, there are rulers on pedestals of this special made welding 


    5. How to judge a welding rotator is with motor drive leadscrew or not?

     1) Just check later side of the pedestal. (The above picture of “Idler Roller bed”);

     2) For self-adjustable leadscrew of this special made welding rotator, a set of worm gear motor reducer is in 

       substitute of handwheel or handle bar;

     6. Revolve of rollers

     1) This is the principal movement of this species of tailor made turning roll;

     2) It is same as the remaining products of its family: Changeable rpm controlled with inverter;

      7. Specification of this special-made travelable roller bed adjusted with leadscrew

      1) Considering loading confinement of the whole range of welding rotator adjusted with leadscrew (standard

        up to 60Ton), and considering its relative “complicated” design, it is most applicable for medium duty roller


      2) All the other technical parameters are the same with those of standard products


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