LHZ High Efficiency Cross Slide Welding Manipulator with SAW
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LHZ High Efficiency Cross Slide Welding Manipulator with SAW


From this section the special-made product is from perspective of welding mode adopted. We select the three most often used kinds of welding (SAW/ GMAW/ Strip Cladding), and start from the one with the widest application: Welding Manipulator with Submerged Arc Welding.


Specialties of High Efficiency SAW Welding Manipulator: (SAW is abbreviation of submerged arc welding):

  1) Application Range:

    - High thickness (above 12mm) carbon steel welding. So, it is often used as automatic welding manipulator with 

      tank welding;

  2) Consumables:

    - Large diameter solid wire, Φ2.5mm/ Φ3mm/ Φ4mm, etc.;

  3) Configuration:

    - In high efficiency SAW welding column and boom, besides submerged arc welding power supply, there should

      also be wire feeder (usually supplied together with welding power supply as a complete set from supplier) and 

      flux recovery unit;

    - For high precision SAW, seam tracing unit is necessary;

    - For internal welding of small diameter workpiece, video monitor is a recommend to be used in LHZ SAW cross

      slide column and boom;

   4) Brand of SAW welding system:

    -  Swedish ESAB (LAF1601);

    -  U.S.A Lincoln (D.C.1000/ D.C.1500);

    -  Chinese HUAYUAN (ZD7-630);

   5) Models of Cross Slide SAW Column and boom:

   All specifications of the product are available for submerged arc welding:

    - Column revolving and or fixed;

    - Stationary base and or travelling;

    -  Light duty or medium duty or heavy duty;

    6)  Arrangement of welding units:

    Please check below picture, a typical set of SAW cross slide welding column and boom:


   “1”— Control console of welding seam tracing unit;

  “2” — Control console of submerged arc welding power supply, integrating control of wire feeder;

  “3” — Welding seam tracing unit/ Small cross-slide for manipulating torch position/ Flux hopper/ Video 

                 Monitor of the high efficiency SAW column and boom;

  “4” — Wire Spool;

  “5” — Welding flux recovery unit;

  “6” — Pipeline for feeding welding flux and recycling flux respectively;

    7) Application Manner:

     - The SAW welding manipulator can work individually;

     - Besides, for the purpose of both internal and external, both longitudinal and circumferential welding, this 

       automatic welding column and boom with tank welding sometimes works together with welding rotator or 

       other equipment. So, there should be interface for communicating with external units in the control system of 

       the machine;

   8) Workshop power supply:

     - SAW welding has large welding power current (1000A/ 1500A). So, at working site where there is automatic 

       column and boom with tank welding, capacity should be at least 100KVA or more, depending on actual 



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