PR40 Large Table Top Downward Stroke Pipe Welding Positioner with Rotation
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PR40 Large Table Top Downward Stroke Pipe Welding Positioner with Rotation


PR40 is large pipe welding positioner, for welding workpiece of diameter 80mm ~1200mm.

It has same structure/ degree of freedom/working principle as PR24.


   1. In previous section of PR24 we give specification of this pipe weld positioner in terms of motion. Below are

      parameters of equipment itself:

   1) Torque: For PR40, revolve torque is 3750N.m, tilt torque 7000N.m;

   2) Motor Power: For PR40, revolve motor is 750W, tilt 400W, downward press 200W;

   3) Conductive Device: For this PR-series downward stroke pipe welding positioner, it is installed on revolving

      unit of equipment, forming up conductive circuit for welding ground wire. Max. conductive current can be up

      to 1000A;

   4) Tilt (or Swing) Range: One point for emphasis is, for PR40, because of its large diameter of pipe/tube/elbow,

      the tilting range is -35°~+35°, compared with (-45°~+45°) for PR24.


   2. On the basis of constitutes of this PR-series automatic pipe welding positioner introduced in PR24, we go on

      the topic of its drive and transmission:

Structure of PR40 electric pipe weld positioner with rotation sees below sketch (PR24 is the same, just smaller size):

 Structure 2

    1) Revolve (or Rotation) of Pipe/Tube/Elbow of this PR-series pipe weld positioner with rotation:

      - Speed is VFD (Variable frequency drive) by means of inverter;

      - Transmission chain is Motor→Worm Gear reducer→Chain and sprocket→The two sets of bottom supporting

        rollers→Workpiece revolve (or rotation);

    2) Tilt (or Swing) of Pipe/Tube/Elbow of this automatic pipe welding positioner with rotation:

     -  It is adopted with gear reducer, and has braking function. Which means, workpiece can tilt and or to be 

       stopped at any point within its stroke;

     - There are limit switches fit at extreme positions of tilting (or swing);

     - Transmission chain is Motor→ Gear reducer→ Pinion → Sector gear→ Workpiece tilt (or swing)

    3) Press Roller Downward stroke of this table top pipe welding positioner with rotation:

     - It is driven with motor and gear reducer, and transmitted by way of leadscrew and nut;

     - Leadscrew & nut guide sliding shaft moving up and down;

     - The press roller is fit at the front end of the sliding shaft. In this way, the press roller descends down toward 

        the workpiece, and ascends up to leave the workpiece;

     -  The sliding shaft is encircled in the stationary sliding bush


With understanding on structure of this PR-series universal pipe welding positioner with rotation, we will proceed on operation of this electric pipe weld positioner in the next section.


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