LHZ Versatile Electric And Automatic Welding Manipulator for Industry
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LHZ Versatile Electric And Automatic Welding Manipulator for Industry


With this section we wrap up introduction on product family of LHZ Automatic Welding Manipulator, including both standard, or universal welding manipulator (No.1~12), and specialized electric welding manipulator(No.13~20).


  As summary,

  1.  This series of all purpose welding manipulator can be classified from many aspects:

    1) Structure: Static/Traveling, Fixed/Manual or Motor-drive Revolving;

    2) Loading capacity (Light/Medium/Heavy duty);

    3) Design (General purpose versus Special made);

    4) Purpose (for tank welding/ pipe/tube welding);

    5) Welding mode (SAW/ GMAW/ESW/Strip cladding --- for meaning of these abbreviations, please check

       product introduction in previous segments of these general purpose welding column and boom);

    6) Working manner (Individual set of electric welding column and boom, or welding center)

   Please check No.18 of product description. And, the above-mentioned perspective can be permutated and 

  combined to form into dedicated product of versatile welding manipulator.

  2.  With chain of dedicated optional supplementary units (Seam tracker/ Video monitor/ Oscillator/ Cross-slide),

      the equipment is a powerful and versatile welding column and boom (introduction of these units please check

      the previous segments of product introduction);

   3.  There are several brands of welding power source and supporting units under the scenario of various welding mode:

     1) Chinese HUAYUAN /U.S. Lincoln/ Swedish ESAB for SAW;

     2) Chinese HUAYUAN/ Japan Panasonic for GMAW (Gas shielded welding: MIG/ TIG/ MAG/ CO2);

     3) Swedish ESAB for Strip Surfacing (or Strip Cladding)

To be worked with this series of Universal welding column and boom.


Below are outlines on working of a set of LHZ Automatic Welding Column and Boom:

   1) Boom horizontal leftward and rightward movement, which is for welding process, is powered with A.C. braking

       motor and has speed controllable by means of inverter and displayed on digital meter;

   2) Boom elevating movement, column revolve and trolley travel are also powered with A.C. braking motor in 

       constant speed;

   3) All the above-mentioned movement are constant torque delivery;

   4) Start and stop of this versatile welding manipulator is quick and nimble;

   5) Slewing support (or called Cross roll bearing) of the revolving automatic welding manipulator is made from

      Chinese domestic professional and famous supplier. It is fit with high precision gear, featuring in flexible 

      rotation and dependable running, and can be locked securely by hand;

    6) Trolley rail of the travelable universal welding manipulator is standard type railway track. Trolley has two types

      of manual and motor drive. Of which manual trolley is usually for light duty and or small traveling range of

      electric welding manipulator, while motor-drive trolley is for medium and heavy duty, and or extensive

      traveling range of electric welding column and boom;

    7) Manned type general purpose welding column and boom is equipped with chair or platform, alongside the


    8) With the help of remote pendant and operating panel (control cabinet), both direct and remote control can 

       be made with this automatic welding column and boom, of convenient and easy operation;

    9) There is open interconnecting interface inside control cabinet of this versatile welding column and boom, for

      the convenience of future synchronous linkage with other kinds of welding equipment, such as rotator, 

      positioner, turntable, etc.;

   10) Besides its versatile and powerful function, this series of product family of universal welding column and 

      boom has complete set of safety units (for detail please check No.18th Product introduction), making the 

      product a reliable and good quality all purpose welding manipulator.


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