LHZ Precise And Efficient Cross Slide Welding Manipulator with GMAW
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LHZ Precise And Efficient Cross Slide Welding Manipulator with GMAW


The automatic welding manipulator with GMAW of this segment is a sub-group of product for gas-shielded arc welding,


   1) Automatic column and boom with CO2 welding;

   2) Welding Manipulator with MIG welding;

   3) Column and boom with MAG welding


Difference with SAW and Technical Characteristic of GMAW:

   1) Compared with SAW (Submerged arc welding), GMAW (Gas metal arc welding) or Gas Shielded welding

      features in small welding current (350~500A versus 1000/1500A in SAW) and flux cored wire, which is for small 

     thickness carbon steel welding (usually 12mm and below), stainless steel welding, and aluminium welding. In 

     other words, workpiece of GMAW welding column and boom is usually “small and delicate” than that of SAW

     welding manipulator;

   2) No Welding flux recovery unit in LHZ automatic welding column and boom with GMAW;

   3) There is intense welding arc generated in the process of GMAW, especially CO2 welding, which is harmful to 

      eyesight. So, operator of GMAW welding column and boom need to take purposed care to protect their eyes, 

      in both manual and automatic GMAW welding;

   4) Due to relatively small size of workpiece and “refined” materials of stainless steel/ aluminium, GMAW 

     generally has higher demand on precision. The attached picture shows the high precision welding manipulator 

     with GMAW used in a pharmaceutical factory for welding small stainless barrel;

   5)Welding power supply used in LHZ welding column and boom with GMAW has several options. The 2 most 

       often used are Chinese HUAYUAN NB-350/ 500, and Panasonic YD-500GL5. The attached pictures shows the 

      latter one (Panasonic YD-500GL5) equipped in GMAW high precision weld manipulator:



- GL5-series welding power supply are full digital units, with specialties of Function Extend software/ IoT 

       module/ Process Technology Software package/ Communication Expand module/ RFID card/ iCloud system, 

       for customers of LHZ automatic welding manipulator with GMAW to choose from based on their practical 


    - GL5-series welding power supply has good welding performance on carbon steel and stainless steel;

    - It can realize light splash and short-circuit transfer under small welding current;

    - With standard Root welding function, it is applicable for back welding and large clearance welding;

    - The extendable Deepen penetration arc function is suitable for large fusion penetration welding and or back

      welding on thick plate;

    - GL5-series welding power supply also has rich assortment of optional process technology software to be 

      selected, which has satisfactory adaptability on special material and or special process technology. This makes

      the LHZ GMAW precise and efficient welding manipulator more powerful and versatile;

    - The standard embedded IoT module and analogue communication interface and extendable digital interface

       can be used for automatic dedicated welding equipment and or robot welding;

   6) The remaining welding components used in LHZ GMAW welding column and boom, including wire feeder,

       welding torch, welding consumables, also have various models and specifications to be selected, based on 

       concrete application scenario of customers;

    7) Loading weight of GMAW welding column and boom sees more light duty and medium duty than heavy duty,

      because of workpiece application range of GMAW (Comparatively “small” and “delicate”).


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