LHZ Efficient And Reliable Automatic Welding Manipulator for Industry
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LHZ Efficient And Reliable Automatic Welding Manipulator for Industry


The product family of LHZ automatic welding column and boom covers range of:

   1) Loading capacity from light weight 80kg to heavy weight 400kg;

   2) Or equipment size from small LH2x3 to large LH8x8;

   3) Or Column and boom of stationary base and traveling trolley;

   4) Or Welding column and boom of fixed column and revolving (manual/ electric) column;

   5) Or Weld column and boom for SAW (Submerged Arc welding), ESW (Electro-slag welding), GMAW or Gas

     Shielded welding (Including CO2, MIG, TIG, MAG), Strip Surfacing or called Strip Cladding on the basis of


   6) Or for welding both internal and external, longitudinal and circumferential welding on all cylindrical parts;

   7) Or worked as tank welding machine, or as welding manipulating equipment for welding Pipe/ Tube/ Barrel/

      Vessel… of all cylindrical parts;

   8) Or Automatic Weld column and boom for welding carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel, Aluminium, etc.;

   9) Or in the form of either general purpose welding manipulator, or specialized welding manipulator;

  10)  Or worked as a set of individual welding manipulating machine, or working with welding rotator and or 

     positioner to form into welding center…


In all, this powerful, universal and efficient LHZ automatic column and boom have full round application and can be used in industries of Petrochemical, Chemical, Pressure Vessel, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, etc.


We have introduced structure and performance of the welding column and boom in previous sections of product introduction. As a reliable welding manipulating machine, the equipment not only delivers superior and stable welding quality, but also guarantees safety of people working on it, including operator and maintenance staff.


Security measures of LHZ Automatic Welding column and boom:

   1) All the motors of the equipment, including boom up and down, boom leftward and rightward, column revolve,

      and trolley travel, are all braking type;

   2) Please check below picture:

     Fig1 Safety Holes

     - There is one row of safety holes drilled on the column. In this way, if ever chain breaks suddenly, the safety

       pins on the saddle will be ejected out in time and inserted into the safety holes, eliminating hazard;

    3) There are limit switches at both ends of boom travel for both horizontal and vertical movement;

    4) The boom horizontal traveling motor of the welding column and boom has self-detection function, which will

       alarm under abnormal condition;

    5) Emergency stop button at both remote pendant and operating panel of the weld column and boom;

    6) Counterweight inside lower section of the column, to lower down gravity center of the whole welding column

       and boom, making the equipment sturdy and stable;

     7) Please check below picture:

   Fig2 Staircase

       From light duty to medium duty to heavy duty of the specialized and general purpose welding manipulator, 

      there is staircase alongside the column for easy access to top of the automatic column and boom. And top 

      section of the staircase is enclosed type, to protect people against falling down in case exigency happens;

     8) Please check below picture:

    Fig3 Alarm light and Platform

        There is alarm light at top of the column and boom;

        For medium and heavy duty LHZ automatic column and boom, there is platform with guardrail on the top of 

       the machine.


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