LHG Lamp Post Gantry Welding Machine with Submerged Arc Welding
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LHG Lamp Post Gantry Welding Machine with Submerged Arc Welding


This Electric light pole welding machine is the fraternal product of the previous one. It is a kind of special welding machine for long straight longitudinal welding on long and large workpieces.


  1. Main Units:

We got to understand structure and operation of this specialized welding machinery in the former section. Here we go on to explore features of its main units in further detail:

    1) Welding Torch Adjustment unit:

      Please check attached picture for its structure.

     i.           Considering this special welding machinery is not only used for welding of electric light pole, but also possibly other long and large workpieces, such as BOX Beam, the welding torch should have capability of traveling in extensive range;

     ii.           For this reason, the front end beam of the elevating platform is finely machined, and fit with precise linear ball bearing for transverse long distance movement of the welding torch and its carriage;

     iii.           This movement is driven with motor reducer and transmitted with gear-rack couple;

     iv.           During the operation of long straight longitudinal submerged arc welding, to make sure seam tracing of the welding torch, there is a set of manual cross-slide inching adjustment unit, making the torch right at welding seam all the while;

     v.           Flux barrel and hopper are installed right above the welding carriage, and moves along with the carriage during the long straight longitudinal seam welding. In this way, the flux hopper always directly above the welding torch where ever it goes, making fluent conveying of flux without interruption;

    2)  The Intermediate Up and Down Platform:

     i.           This is the working table and central unit of this large size special purpose welding equipment;

     ii.           Considering its large size, the steady and stable elevation of the platform is very important. For this purpose, there is one set of motor reducer at the middle of the platform, with a piece of shaft delivering transmission to its both sides;

    iii.           There are two sets of motor reducer (One set each side) at both sides of the platform, and by means of leadscrew& nut couple, making the platform going up and down smoothly in constant speed;

    iv.           The elevating of the platform is to cater for different diameters of workpiece welded with this specialized welding equipment;

    v.           The platform elevation is guided with precise machining guideway which is welded onto the four columns of the box gantry frame. Besides, guiding rollers of the guiderail has eccentric shaft, which can be used for inching adjustment of pressing condition of the guiding rollers;

    vi.           Please check below sketch on installation of the guideway and its guiding roller:

   Fig1 升降导轨

    3) Workpiece Support:

    i.           Please check attached picture for laying out of the workpiece with this special welding equipment;

    ii.           The long and large size workpiece is supported with two sets of roller bed. Of which the large end side is driving type, and the small end side is idle type with adjusting leadscrew;

    iii.           To make sure horizontal position of welding seam in the process of long straight longitudinal welding, the driving roller bed of larger side should be fixed inside a pit in the workshop floor; The idle roller bed at smaller side should also be equipped with elevating function;

    iv.           For the purpose of guaranteeing horizontal levelness of welding seam, besides the adjustable span of the two rollers at idle side, a supporting rack should be used at its beneath;

    4) Safety Unit:

    i.           For the large size of this specialized welding machinery of electric light pole welding machine, safe operation is of vital importance;

    ii.           At lateral side of the box gantry frame, there is a staircase surrounded with guardrail. Operator can climb onto the elevating platform in safe condition;

    5) Welding System:

    i.           The long straight longitudinal submerged arc welding calls for high standard and consistent welding operation with this special welding machine;

    ii.           Grounding cable is joint with workpiece from power supply directly;

    iii.           Reliable connection of welding circuit and stable current& voltage makes uniform high quality welding seam to be formed;

    iv.           Console of welding power supply is installed on the front beam of elevating platform for easy access and convenient operation;

    2.  Specification and Parameter:

Please check below for workpiece specification and parameters of this special welding machinery of Electric Light Pole Welding machine:

Workpiece   Length L

9000 ~ 16000   mm

Large End   Diameter D


Small End   Diameter d


Workpiece   Taper


Workpiece   Weight


Gantry Travel Speed (Welding Speed)

0.2 ~ 2.0m/min

Gantry Travel Drive Motor

2 x 1.1kW, double drive

Gantry Travel Rail

24kg/m, precise honing

Welding Torch Transverse Moving Motor

0.2 kW

Platform Elevating Motor

2.2 kW

Platform Elevating Speed

1.5 m/min.


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