Easy To Operate Hydraulic 90° Flipping Equipment for Steel Structure
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Easy To Operate Hydraulic 90° Flipping Equipment for Steel Structure


The 90° hydraulic flipping equipment has the flipping scope of 0 ~ 90° for steel structure members.


1.     Product Application:

1)      In the process flow of H Beam production, the 90° hydraulic overturning rack locates ahead of 60° hydraulic flipping rack, at the station of H Beam assembly and tack welding;

2)      Its Usage:

a)       First flip assembled and tack welded “┷” beam 90°;

b)      With the help of travel crane and its hoist hook, flip the “┣” Beam or “┫” Beam another 90° into “T” Beam;

c)       The H Beam assembly and tack welding machine assembles and tack welds the 2nd piece of web onto the workpiece, making it into “工” Beam;

d)      This 90° hydraulic overturning equipment flips the “工” Beam 90° into “H” Beam;

e)      The H Beam is sent to the next station of H Beam submerged arc welding.

The corresponding sketch check below:

 Fig Process step

2.     Product Structure, Working Principle and Operation:

1)      As can be checked from attached pictures of this 90° steel structure overturning rack, one set of the equipment composes of base, L arm, and revolving shaft;

2)      Rotation of the L arm is driven with hydraulic cylinder;

3)      There is a small rack fit on the L arm. Its usage is to holding the “┷” beam and preventing it from falling down during L arm overturning of the steel structure flipping equipment. Based on size of the “┷” beam,there are three shifts of mounting positions for the small rack on the L arm, in the form of 3 groups of holes;

4)      The base of the 90° steel structure flipping rack is fixed into workshop floor with anchor bolts;

5)      Same as 60° steel structure overturning equipment, the 90° overturning rack also works in 3 sets per group;

6)      Under majority conditions, operating buttons of the 90° flipping equipment is integrated into operating panel of H Beam Assembly and Tack welding machine. And it can also be made as an individual pendant, depending on practical requirement;

7)      Besides flipping the workpiece in H Beam production line, this 90° hydraulic flipping equipment can also be used in other application site where 90° or minus overturning is necessary.

3.     Technical Parameters:

Applicable   H Beam Flange Width

200~   800mm

Applicable   H Beam Web Height

200~   1500mm

Applicable   Workpiece Weight

≤20 Ton

Max.   Hydraulic Pressure

14   MPa


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