Double Table Top Universal Variable Speed Electric Welding Positioner
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Double Table Top Universal Variable Speed Electric Welding Positioner


From this section we go into product series of double table top welding positioner. It is developed on the basis of single work table equipment.


Description on the product:

    1) Why double table: To give more freedom on arrangement of workpiece. Some of workpieces have very long

       length which extend beyond control boundary of single table welding positioner;

    2) For this kind of equipment, with different fixture, various kinds of workpiece can be secured on the worktable.

       So, it is a kind of universal double table top welding positioner;

    3) The 2 work tables are split type. No physical connection between them. Distance between them is 

      determined by workpiece length;

    4) The equipment is motor drive. So, it is a kind of universal electric welding positioner. Of which one set of

       worktable is driving type, and the other isidle style, or follower;

    5) This double table top universal welding positioner has only one control axis, which is, revolving around the

        horizontal axis joining the two working table;

    6) This revolve speed can be either constant, for example, 1.6rpm, or adjustable with inverter. The latter option

       has more application. So, the product belongs to variable speed double table top welding positioner, or

       double table top variable speed welding positioner, whatever;

     7) Revolving range is 0° ~ 360°. Motor is braking type. This means, the workpiece can either revolve in the 

        process of welding operation, for circumferential welding, or fixed at certain position when welding is 

       implemented, with act of holding brake of the braking motor, for longitudinal welding;

     8) Operation of this variable speed electric welding positioner is by means of the remote pendant and 

        operating pendant at the driving working table, see below picture;


     9) This type of universal variable speed welding positioner is applicable for welding batch of workpiece with 

       identical or similar specification, especially length. Because every time workpiece length changed, the idle 

       worktable needs to be relocated;

     10) Both the driving and idle worktables of the electric variable speed welding positioner are fixed onto floor

        ground with anchor bolts;

     11) This is basic type of double work table variable speed universal welding positioner, More types of it will be 

      introduced in the subsequent sections.



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