Double Table Top Lifting And Rotation Welding Positioner
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Double Table Top Lifting And Rotation Welding Positioner


This double table top lift and revolve welding positioner is intricate type of this product family.

On the basis of the preceding lifting type double work table, the 3rd degree of freedom is added: That on the beam connecting the two columns (or table top, or machine beds), at its middle point a pallet, or worktable is fit. Workpiece is secured on this pallet or work table, and can rotate 0°~ 360° in both directions. This gives more manipulation on position of workpiece during welding.


   1.  Nomination of the equipment

  A confusion on phrase of this double work table lift and revolve welding positioner may arise:

   1) That in the sections of single table top, which has two control axis of revolve and tilt. “Revolve” refers to

      turning around movement of 0°~ 360°, and “Tilting” refers to swing around motion of work table within the

      scope of 0°~ 120°;

   2) Now in this double working table welding positioner, both the revolve of workpiece around the axis joining

     the two columns, and the rotation of workpiece on its pallet (or worktable) on the beam joining the two 

     columns, are all turning around movement of 0°~ 360°. In terms of movement itself, it is no difference; But the

     axis, or degree of freedom, is different. To differentiate the two turning round motions, we use the word 

  “Revolve” and “Rotation” respectively to make distinction. In this sense, this equipment can also be called

    Double Table Top Lift and Rotation Welding Positioner.

  2.  Structure of the equipment

    A piece of beam is installed between the two columns (machine beds), serving as revolving shaft and holding 

   unit of the workpiece pallet. This is the most conspicuous distinguish between this double work table lift and 

   rotation welding positioner, and the previous lifting and no revolve type, that usually it is hollow between the

   two columns (machine beds), just by means of workpiece to join them.

  3. Usage of the equipment

  With the added degree of freedom of workpiece rotation on the pallet, its position can be managed in more 

 refined manner. It is especially useful for welding workpiece of many seams on it.

  4. Technical Specialties of the equipment

   1) Design of pallet (or work table) on the beam is convenient for fitting jigs/fixtures in short time, and applicable

      for various kinds of workpiece. Or, universal;

   2) The beam revolves around the axis connecting the two columns (machine beds), in constant speed, or 

     required welding velocity;

   3) The beam moves up and down along the two columns (machine beds) in constant speed;

   4) The workpiece rotates on its pallet (work table) in adjustable speed of welding;


In all, as at the beginning of this section said, this double table top lift and revolve weld positioner is sophisticated type for complicated manual/automatic welding process.


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