GD20 High Speed Automatic Hobbing Cutter for Plate Chamfering
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GD20 High Speed Automatic Hobbing Cutter for Plate Chamfering


GD20 small plate edge milling machine is fraternal product of the previous GD Hobbing cutter, for the purpose of small plate beveling before the next step of welding operation.


   1.     Working Process and Strong Points of GD20 Hobbing Cutting machine:

   1)      Driven with motor, the hobbing (rolling shearing) of the equipment revolves;

   2)      The small size plate moves through the cavity formed between the bottom driving roller and top hobbing, got its edge milled at the same time;

   3)      The 2 sets of top handwheels above the hobbing is for holding tightly the small plate during work of the Hobbing cutter;

   4)      The one set of bottom handwheel at left hand is for adjusting vertical position of the bottom driving roller, accommodating various thickness of the workpiece;

   5)      This Rolling shear beveling machine delivers finished product with correct size and clean surface of beveled edge;

   6)      Compared with the other small plate beveling way of gas cutting, the use of this small plate chamfering machine of Rolling shear beveling equipment has the advantages of low power consumption, high speed of edge milling process, without the need of follow-up deburring operation;

   7)      Compared with the other small plate beveling way of Edge Planer and or Gantry Planer, this small plate edge milling machine of rolling shear chamfering equipment features in low machine cost and compact size;

   8)      Besides, this Rolling shear chamfering machine has:

Convenient and user-friendly operation of:

    i.   Workpiece fit-up job is not necessary;

    ii.  Small plate beveling operation is of high efficiency;

    iii. The use of foot pedal switch and input& output workpiece rack relieves tedious and cumbersome task of operator;

    iv.  No limitation, or request on size of the workpiece, including both its length and width;

     v.  On the whole, the efficiency on small plate beveling job with this small plate edge milling machine is far better than other way of plate chamfering. It is an ideal equipment for small plate welding preparation.


    2.     Structure of GD20 Hobbing Cutting equipment:

Please check below illustration on its lateral view:

  Fig1 15A- Structure_WPS图片

    1)      The basic unit of this small plate chamfering machine of hobbing cutter is its main body, which is an integral frame of bed and trunk;

   2)      Working unit and manipulating unit are at the front side of the trunk, including shearing, angular ruler, four pieces of handwheels for different adjusting task (Plate thickness and others), the big and solid bottom roller;

   3)      Control elements are integrated into back side of the trunk, making the whole set of small plate edge milling machine with compact structure and less bulky size.


   3.     Parameter of the GD20 Small Plate Chamfering machine of Hobbing Cutter:

 Fig2 Workpiece specification

Plate Tension Stress δb (N/mm2)




Plate Material




Bevel Width W

20 mm

16 mm

12 mm

Small Plate Chamfering Speed

2.9 m/min.

3.1 m/min.

3.4 m/min.

Plate Max. thickness h

40 mm

Bevel Angle Range α

25° ~ 55°

Min. Blunt Size e

2 mm

Dimension (L x W x H)

1240 x 940 x 1500 mm

Motor model Y112M-4

4KW/ 1440 rpm

Main shaft revolving speed

7.7 rpm

Diameter of Milling tool

φ200 mm



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