Double Work Table Servo Drive And CNC Welding Positioner
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Double Work Table Servo Drive And CNC Welding Positioner


This double work table welding positioner of servo drive is the “high end” product of its kind.

As discussed in the previous sections, nowadays there is trend on robot/automatic welding replacing manual welding, especially in facilities of large volume stream line of production. This is the reason nearly every structure of welding positioner, from the beginning Single Table Top, to this Double Work Table weld positioner, all have 2 species of conventional (Driven with “ordinary” motor reducer, or hydraulic system) and precision type of servo drive.


So, the servo drive and CNC welding positioner (whatever its structure) can be featured as:

  1) They have same mechanical structure as conventional type;

  2) Their transmission unit delivers much more higher degree of precision (±0.05° for Revolve, and ±0.1mm

     for linear motion/point control);

  3) Their control system is with servo-encoder system of negative feedback closed loop circuit, with interface left

     open for communicating with external controller (Robot/ CNC/ PLC/ Industrial Computer, etc.);

  4) In the manufacture field of welding, the servo and CNC welding positioner is more applied in robot welding

     than connected with other types of controllers (Robot accounts for over 80%~90%);

  5) For this type of double work table servo drive welding positioner, its concrete style of equipment mechanical

     structure can have as many variations as conventional type: Fixture/ Head and Tail, and or with elevating

    movement, for which we will introduce in the later-on product section. The choice on specific design comes 

    from practical application scenarios;

  6) The critical point with a set of servo drive and CNC weld positioner, either it is a double work table servo 

    welding positioner, or any other, is its transmission unit;

   7) Transmission unit of all the servo and CNC weld positioner are equipped with “Clearance Eliminating 

     function”. And with the adoption of precision planetary motor reducer, as well as two reducers driving both

     sides of the gear, this double work table servo weld positioner drives workpiece into motion without any 


   8) Working together with robot, this kind of double work table servo drive weld positioner is the most often 

     used type of display equipment in all kinds of Trade Fair& Exhibition of welding industry, to show the latest

     development of welding technique and strength of the company.


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