Moving Type Fully Automatic Durable Hydraulic 180° Flipping Equipment
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Moving Type Fully Automatic Durable Hydraulic 180° Flipping Equipment


In H Beam production line, the 180° Movable Steel Structure Flipping Equipment flips the H Beam 90° or 180° and send it to next work station.


1.     Product Use of 180° Moving type Hydraulic Overturning Equipment:

1)      There are 2 sets of 180° movable steel structure overturning rack each group, mainly used for 90° and 180°overturning of H Beam in H Beam production line. The specific work station is LHC H Beam Submerged Arc Welding machine;

2)      Driven with 2 hydraulic oil cylinders, 2 rockshafts of the equipment revolve simultaneously, overturning and carrying H Beam onto conveyor rack;

3)      With conveyor rack, H Beam is sent to next working sequence;

4)      Movement of the 180° movable flipping equipment is realized through reducer and driving traveling wheels.


2.     Performance and Characteristic:

1)      The 180° movable overturning rack is composed of main frame, hydraulic system and electrical system;

2)      Main frame is composed of rockshaft, base bed, traveling wheels, traveling motor

reducer, etc.;

3)      During operation, workpiece is raised off conveyor, transported by 2 sets of 180°

moving type flipping equipment which move simultaneously driven with reducer motor, and positioned alongside conveyor;

4)      Then, driven with oil cylinder, rockshafts overturn the workpiece 180°;

5)      After that, workpiece is moved onto conveyor for transportation to next station of H Beam straightening machine;

6)      Cables and oil pipes of this 180° moving type overturning rack are arranged through drag chain, featuring in safe work, good appearance and reliable performance;

7)      The whole set of 180° steel structure flipping rack is compact in structure and easy in operation.

3.     Range of Supply:

One set of 180° moving type hydraulic flipping rack includes:

1)      Two sets of reducer and frame each;

2)      Four sets of overturning oil cylinder, rockshaft, overturning bearing bed, travel wheel (with bearing and bearing bed) and oil pipe;

3)      One set of 11kW hydraulic pump station;

4)      One set of electrical control board.

4.     Technical Parameters:

Applicable for this 180° steel structure overturning equipment:

H   Beam Weight

≤20 Ton

Travel   Motor Reducer

1.5   kW

Traveling   Speed

5 m/min

Max.   Pressure of Hydraulic System

16   MPa

Center   Distance of Rail

700mm   (Distance upon workpiece L)



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