Double Work Table Lifting Type Servo Drive Welding Positioner
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Double Work Table Lifting Type Servo Drive Welding Positioner


In the former section of “double work table servo drive and CNC welding positioner” (no vertical movement), we give the outline on servo-driving style welding positioner of all types, from the aspect of design& produce& equipment features. It applies to this segment of double work table lifting type welding positioner, also.


In this section we will go on to generalize the servo driving single and double work table lift type welding positioner from another viewpoint: --- practical application:

   1) Servo welding positioner is used in the realm of automatic welding with high precision requirement,

      especially robot welding;

   2) Working with robot and other units: welding power source/ wire feeder/ fixture, etc., these double work

     table lifting welding positioner compose into welding working station of various style/usage/application site;

   3) The control logic of whole welding station, movement of robot arm is trajectory control, not point control.

    This is the reason for the double work table lifting type weld positioner,  its precision specification on workpiece

    revolve& vertical movement should be within the tolerance of ±0.05° and ±0.1mm respectively;

   4) Welding speed, or revolving speed of workpiece converted into linear velocity, is around 3~10mm/s, or 180~

    600mm/min. (Depends on workpiece thickness);

  5) Welding technology applied in these servo drive double work table lift welding positioners, is various kinds of

     gas shielded welding, including CO2/MAG/MIG/TIG, etc.;

  6) There are several brands of robot setting foot in welding technology, including Chinese SIASUM, and 

     imported ABB/ FANUC, etc. Each type of robot has its unique design and request on the supporting double

    work table lift weld positioner. For which we will confirm and make solution with customer on specific robot 

    chosen, as well as corresponding required mechanical structure and other technical details, on our double 

    working table lifting type welding positioner;

  7)  Also, with robot welding, TEACH- IN process is necessary every time a batch of new workpiece is to be 

    welded. So, for the operator of welding work station, including robot itself and double work table lift type weld

    positioner, request on their welding technique skill is reduced, while on knowledge on robot/automatic control

    is raised;

  8) Considering precision requirement, and power of servo motor used, the servo drive double work table lift

    welding positioner is usually confined to 3Ton and below.


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