3-Axis 600/9 Flame And Plasma Automated CNC Pipe Cutting Machine
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3-Axis 600/9 Flame And Plasma Automated CNC Pipe Cutting Machine

3-claw chuck type; For small and medium pipe

As explained in the section of 5-Axis 2500/9, the 3-Axis 600-series is the 1st batch of product group developed under Automated Plasma Oxy-fuel CNC Pipe Cutting Machine. It has function of cut-off and hole cutting on the small pipes of up to 600mm diameter and 9m long.


The clamping& supporting unit for 600mm dia. small pipes is different from that of the machine model for medium and large size (1400mm/ 2000mm/ 2500mm/ 3000mm). 

This is the reason behind that:

  1. For this Automated CNC Tube Intersection Cutting machine, the linear velocity of pipe revolving, or cutting speed, is within the same range for all sizes of pipe (Please check “Cutting Speed” in parameters table at the end of introduction for each product);

  2. For this reason, under the linear velocity, small pipe revolve has much more momentum compared with medium and large pipes. In other words, it is much easy to have issue of drifting than larger size pipes, which brings along remarkable negative effect on cutting process;

  3. So, for Flame and Plasma CNC Pipe Cutting Machine of small pipe (600mm), fixture unit is necessary to secure the pipe during revolve;

  4. The 3-claw chuck is introduced to this Plasma Oxy-fuel CNC Tube Intersection Cutting machine for this purpose. Please check below picture of 3-claw chuck. Work together the sets of supporting brackets along the machine bed, it serves as perfect tightening and holding unit for pipe revolve.

 Fig Chuck- 6- Claw Chuck

Below is specification of 3-Axis 600/9 Flame and Plasma Automated CNC Pipe Cutting Machine:



Technical   parameter

3 Axis CNC-CP 600/9

Diameter Range of Pipe (mm)

80 ~ 600

Max. Length of Pipe (mm)


Thickness of Pipe (mm)

6~100   mm for flame cutting

3 ~ 25mm for plasma cutting

Cutting Speed

200∼800mm/min. for flame cutting

Around 200~ 2000mm/min. for plasma cutting

(Based on thickness of Pipe and Plasma Power)

CNC Control Axis

3 Axis of X/Y/Z




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