1Ton L Type Hydraulic Elevating And Electric Revolving Welding Positioner with Chuck
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1Ton L Type Hydraulic Elevating And Electric Revolving Welding Positioner with Chuck


This L type elevate and revolve welding positioner has loading capacity of max. 1Ton and vertical stroke of 800mm, which is often used for welding small structure members in engineering machinery.


One of critical points in design & manufacture elevating and revolving weld positioner, is its drive& transmission unit of L arm vertical movement, especially for those equipment with tonnage less than 2Ton.

Say concretely, with this L type welding positioner with chuck:

   1. Rotation of L arm in vertical plane, as well as revolve of work table, are all driven with mechanical motor 

      reducer and transmitted with leadscrew;

   2. As to up and down movement of L arm, for loading capacity higher than 2Ton (Including 2Ton), it is hydraulic


   3. For L type electric welding positioner of loading capacity below 2Ton, there are 2 options for vertical drive of L


     1) Mechanical motor reducer driving lead-screw, or hydraulic system;

     2) Of the 2 options, we prefer and adopt with hydraulic drive;

     3) The reason on this selection(hydraulic) is for safety purpose: Suppose the L arm ascends to its upper 

        position, and what if defect happens with its driving and transmission system…If driven with motor reducer 

       and transmitted by means of leadscrew, there exist potential risk of L arm falling down: The engagement 

       between leadscrew and nut may become slipped due to worn condition of nut. And in such case, a chain of 

       malfunction and safety issues may occur;

     4) On the other hand, for hydraulic driving system, fit with an explosion proof valve, such way of drive is a fool-

        proof solution for up and down movement of L arm, and hence eliminate risk of L arm dropping down when it

        is at its upper position.

     5) In this sense, this 1 Ton hydraulic elevation and revolve welding positioner can be viewed as either an electric

        welding positioner (Considering L arm rotation and work table revolve), or a set of hydraulic welding 

        positioner, in view of its L arm upright direction travel drive.


Checking from below picture, for this 1Ton tonnage of hydraulic weld positioner (or electric weld positioner), its hydraulic pump has compact size. We put it inside bottom cavity of equipment column. With an integrated button on operating pendant, the hydraulic system can be manipulated.

 Pump Station

For more details on structure and performance of L type hydraulic elevation and revolve weld positioner, we will have more introduction in the ensuing section of 1.2Ton/2Ton/3Ton.


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