High Efficiency Flexible Motorized Automated Industrial Steel Conveyor
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High Efficiency Flexible Motorized Automated Industrial Steel Conveyor


The high efficiency automated motorized steel conveyor has same function as the previous product of plate chain type conveyor, but in different product structure and working mode.


1.     Equipment Usage:

1)      This motorized steel structure conveyor is a kind of auxiliary transporting equipment for workpiece between different work positions in a production line. For example, H Beam and or BOX Beam;

2)      For working of this motorized steel structure moving machine, 2 sets form into one group to work at the same time;

3)      Application of this H Beam conveyor is like this: After workpiece is welded for one seam, it will be transported to next welding position with this H Beam moving machine;

4)      This motorized section steel conveyor features in high efficiency, high quality, accurate positioning, reliable and flexible operation.

2.     Performance and Characteristic:

1)      This section steel moving machine is composed of main frame, hydraulic and electrical system;

2)      The main frame is composed of lifting bearing, driving traveling rack, idle traveling rack, traveling motor reducer;

3)      This motorized steel conveyor is mainly used in SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) area of H Beam Production line;

4)      After transported by conveyor into this working area, the workpiece is lifted by the travel cart to be raised off conveyor and put onto LHC column type welding machine;

5)      During operation, driven with 2 synchronous oil cylinders, the main frame of the steel structure conveyor rises to raise the workpiece off conveyor, avoiding the problem of bad stability under condition of single oil cylinder and cross type structure;

6)      Deployment of oil pipe and cable of this motorized steel structure moving machine is adopted with drag chain, which has strong points of security, good appearance and stable performance;

7)      The whole set of this motorized steel structure conveyor is compact in dimension and structure: Its electrical control system is integrated into that of LHC, so as to has easy operation.  


3.     Range of Supply:

One set of Motorized Steel Structure Conveyor is composed of:

1)      Main frame: Lifting bearing rack, driving travel rack, idle travel rack, travel motor reducer;

2)     Control system and its attachment: Control board, metallic drag chain and its attachment;

3)      Hydraulic System: Hydraulic pump station, Hydraulic oil cylinder, oil pipe


4.     Technical Parameters:

Applicable for Motorized Steel Conveyor:

Uplifting   Capacity

20Ton/   Group

Lifting   Stroke


Hydraulic   System Pressure


Max.   Hydraulic System Pressure

16   MPa

Travel   Motor Power


Traveling   Speed


Rail   Center Distance



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