HB2000 High Capacity Automatic Welding H Beam Production Line
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HB2000 High Capacity Automatic Welding H Beam Production Line


The HB2000 automatic high capacity H Beam Production Line is the largest of its kind in terms of both machine specification and H Beam produced. Conceivably, it is also the H Beam welding manufacture line with the biggest investment. In industry, this line is directly called “Heavy Duty Line”, which is the abbreviation of heavy-duty automatic high capacity H Beam production line with saw welder.


 1. As the process technology of classic automatic H Beam welding manufacture line introduced in previous product, below is the sketch illustrating on it:

 10- Process Flow

 2. And, corresponding, for a complete set of typical automatic HB2000 high capacity welding H Beam manufacture line, list of equipment is as follows:

  1) CNC Strip Plate Cutting machine of 4m Span                                                1 set

  2) Z20 H Beam Assembly machine with automatic Spot Weld                          1 set

  3) 90° Hydraulic Overturning Rack                                                                      3 sets/group

  4) LHC Column type SAW Welding machine                                                      4sets

  5) YGJ15 Travel Cart                                                                                             4 sets/2 groups

  6) 60° Hydraulic Overturning Rack                                                                      12 sets/4 groups

  7) YF1520 Movable 180°Hydraulic Overturning Rack                                          4 sets/2 groups

  8) HYJ Mechanical or YTJ Hydraulic H Beam Flange Straightening  machine      1set

  9) Transportation Conveyor                                                                                  1 set


Of the above listed equipment, the 1st set of CNC/Strip Plate Cutting machine is a general purpose equipment not limited to being used in the line of automatic I Beam Production Equipment. And the remaining products of the 2nd to 9th are all dedicated I Beam production equipment.


From above can be seen, the arrangement of these high capacity I Beam production equipment is in the form of modular type. Customer can determine specific model of machine for each step based on their H Beam size. For example, the 1st step of H beam assembly and tack weld machine can be Z15~Z18, based on size of H Beam web. This is also true with the 3rd step of flange straightening: either HYJ mechanical (for max. 40mm flange thickness) or YTJ hydraulic (For flange thickness up to 40~80mm) can be chosen.



    1) HB-series automatic or semi-automatic line of high capacity I Beam production equipment usually takes on

        heavy workloads (2 shifts working system is not uncommon);

    2) For its long-term stable running, thoughtful daily maintenance plan and strict enforcement is of vital 


    3) In manual of each equipment we give suggestion on machine service. Customer can draft their service plan combining practical condition. For example, hydraulic system of H Beam Assembly machine:

        i.  Hydraulic oil grade:N32;

       ii.  Observe oil level of oil tank regularly; 

      iii.  Please exchange oil regularly. For new machine, after the first use of 3 months, it is necessary to replace

           new oil; From then on, replace oil every 6 months. Keep hydraulic oil clean. When applying oil, use 120-

          mesh sieve;

      iv.  When exchange oil, be sure to first empty the oil tank and clean it, then apply new oil;

Below are specifications of this HB2000 automatic high capacity H Beam welding manufacture line:


HB2000   Automatic H Beam Production Line

Max. H Beam Web Width (mm)


H Beam Web Thickness (mm)


H Beam Flange Width (mm)


H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)

6∽40  (Special thickness of   40~80mm also available)

H Beam Length (mm)


Max. H Beam Weight

20 Ton.

H Beam Assembly

H Beam Assembly with Tack Welding machine

H Beam Welding

LHC H Beam Submerged Arc Welding machine

Flange and or H Beam Lengthways   Straightening

H Beam Straightening machine

Transfer of H Beam workpiece among   stations

With Flipping units/ Conveyor/ Travel Cart


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