Advanced And Integrated Pipe-Flange MIG Automatic Welding Center for Hydropower Industry
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Advanced And Integrated Pipe-Flange MIG Automatic Welding Center for Hydropower Industry


One of the important applications of welding manipulator is to composed into welding center working with other equipment.


Below is technical brief of automatic welding center:

1.Purpose of Weld Center:

   1) Welding center, also called welding complex, is for performing sophisticated welding on workpiece with the

       optimum welding position of 45° fillet;

   2) The sophisticated welding refers to longitudinal/ circumferential/ fillet and all the other types of welding 

      position/seam arising from requirement on process technology;

   3) On the other hand, to get the ideal welding quality and in the case of manual welding for the consideration of

      ergonomics, several kinds of welding positioning units are necessary for this purpose, including welding 

     positioner, rotator, manipulator, turntable, etc.;

   4) At some working site, solitary such welding positioning unit is not sufficient to get the targeted welding 

      technique. By this time, welding integrated system of various combination is a requisite;

 2.Combination of Automatic Weld Center:

    There are numerous forms of welding integrated station. Below lists several common used style:

    1) Welding manipulator + welding rotator + welding power supply;

    2) Welding manipulator + welding positioner + welding power supply;

    3) Welding robot+ welding positioner + welding power supply;

    4) As to welding power supply used in these high efficiency welding center, there are also series of options 

      depending on adopted welding mode: SAW/ Strip cladding/ GMAW/CO2/ MIG/MAG/TIG;

    3.  Models and Specifications of Weld Integrated system:

    1) As can be seen from the above introduction, automatic welding center varies on specific applications. There is

      no standard, or elementary welding center. It is on the basis of several basic modules and units which are 

     combined together to form into an efficient welding center;

    2) For this reason, in this section and the subsequent 2 sections, we will 3 typical examples on practical use of 

      welding complex;

   4.  The instance of Pipe-Flange MIG Welding center for hydropower industry:

      Please check the attached 1st picture:

     1) This automatic welding center is for welding Aluminium pipe flange used in hydropower industry;

     2) It is composed of one set of LHZ3030 welding manipulator, one set of 1Ton tilting type leadscrew adjusting

        welding rotator, and one set of MIG welding power supply;

    3) The roller bed of the welding rotator can be propped up by means of the leadscrew beneath it to generate a

       certain tilting angle of the roller bed, thus making the joint of pipe and flange in the position of 45° for easy


     4) The LHZ3030 welding manipulator of this welding complex performs external circumferential welding on the

         pipe-flange when it is adjusted to optimum position by means of the welding rotator;

     5) In the process of MIG welding, the welding rotator of this welding center revolves, driving the workpiece into

        rotation for the convenience of external circumferential welding;

     6) The span of the 2 roller beds of the welding rotator can be adjusted by means of leadscrew, to accommodate

         varying length of the pipe-flange welded with this automatic weld center;

     7) The control station put at the position between the welding rotator and welding manipulator works as 

      “brain” of this high efficiency welding center;

     8) Equipped with other kinds of welding power supply, this efficient welding center can be used for welding

         other group of workpiece. The attached remaining 4 pictures show welding head of strip-cladding.




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