Design and Application of Steel Structure Flipping Equipment
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Design and Application of Steel Structure Flipping Equipment

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Design and Application of Steel Structure Flipping Equipment

1.     Brief:

This article is on the topic of demand, classification, features, design, and put into use of Steel Structure Flipping Equipment.


2.     Demand on Steel Structure Flipping Equipment:

1)      In manufacturing process of steel structure members, logistic job is critical in connecting working stations into a fluent material process flow;

2)      The two basic tasks of these steel structure flipping equipment is flipping and transport, making workpiece arriving at its various destination in ideal angle position;

3)      The flipping process should be flip angle adjustable;

4)      The working of these steel structure flipping equipment should be in high speed and high productivity, keeping up with TAKT (Working pace) of the corresponding H Beam production line, or BOX Beam production line, or other custom-made steel structure production line;

5)      Due to the large dimension and heavy weight of steel structure workpiece,

a)       These steel structure flipping equipment should have high strength, high intensity, and long using life;

b)      Its working should be in the fashion of high safety and stable performance;

c)       Its operating should be automatic and with remote control available.


3.     Classification of Steel Structure Flipping Equipment:

1)      Henceforth, the steel structure flipping equipment can be divided into two broad groups of:

a)       For workpiece flipping --- Such as chain type flipping equipment, overturning rack, etc.;

b)      For workpiece sending --- Such as steel structure conveyor;

2)      Some of the products combine the above-mentioned two functions; Some products are just for solitary purpose;

3)      Workpiece flipping, or called overturning accounts for majority use of steel structure flipping equipment, and this is name of the product family originated from.


4.     Characteristics and Design of Steel Structure Flipping Equipment:

1)     Product design starts from customer demand, and embodied on the aspect of its features:

a)       For steel structure flipping equipment, the two foremost objects are workpiece flipping and sending, especially flipping;

b)      The workpiece is usually bulky and heavy;

2)     Driving Mode:

a)       For these reasons, hydraulic system is the most often used driving way adopted in these steel structure overturning equipment;

b)      Supplemented with electric motor reducer, and sometimes chain hoist;

c)       Steel structure conveyors are basically electric motor drive;

3)     Flipping Mechanism:

a)       Roller chain is the No.1 used manipulating element in these steel structure flipping machines, in the form of various types of chain flipping equipment;

b)      Meanwhile, in H Beam production line, flipping racks of 60°, 90° and 180°, stationary and or moving type is deployed at different work stations for specific use;

4)     Equipment Structure:

a)       For structure of these steel structure overturning machine, the most frequent one is frame type, forming into shape with 4 columns;

b)      Nearly all the chain type overturning equipment is in the form of frame constructure;

c)       In actual practice, there are several variations in its detailed constructure – Closed type, half closed type, fixed dimension, flexible dimension, etc.;

d)      On the other hand, the overturning racks of stationary and or movable 60°, 90° and 180° has the structure of swinging arms installed on base bed;

e)      As to structure of steel structure conveyor, it can be either in the form of travel cart (steel conveyor), or plate chain type, or roller type, depending on customer expectation and application scenario;

5)     Preconditions:

The last but not least factors to be taken for designing of steel structure flipping equipment is its safety and reliability. For this reason,

a)       All the components, no matter self-made and outsourced ones, are of high quality;

b)      The roller chains of chain type flipping equipment should have high strength, high intensity and high toughness, which is durable and wear resistance;

c)       Motor reducers and chain hoists for driving overturning process of chain flipping equipment should have self-locking capability;

d)      Operation of these steel structure flipping equipment had better be fully automatic, and have remote control available;

e)      The Emergency STOP button of these chain type overturning equipment, overturning rack, steel structure conveyor … should be close at hand for operator.


5.     Apply of Steel Structure Flipping Equipment:

1)     In all, the use of various kinds of steel structure flipping equipment fulfils the three most important tasks of:

a)       Logistics needs in heavy duty steel structure line --- H Beam Production line, BOX Beam production line, and others;

b)      Relieve operators of these tedious, toilful and dangerous work, helping them focus on more jobs with technical content;

c)       Make workpiece at best and ideal orientation, attaining the purpose of optimum ergonomics condition in the process of working.

2)     As a summary, steel structure flipping equipment is indispensable machines of vital importance for satisfactory and successful delivery of steel structure production lines and machines.


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