Application of Special Welding Machinery and Welding Fixture
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Application of Special Welding Machinery and Welding Fixture

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Application of Special Welding Machinery and Welding Fixture

Welding Machinery and Equipment Production is a “small” industry in manufacturing business, in terms of its total volume. Among which the Special Welding Machine and Welding Fixture is a “small” subdivided area of Welding industry. It delivers comparatively lower output value in this business sector.


However, “small” does not mean “unimportant”. On the contrary, just as welding plays key role in nearly all of the manufacturing process, application of special purpose welding machine and welding fixture is critical and indispensable in the field of welding technique.


  1. The importance of Special made Welding Machine and Welding Fixture is embodied in:

    1)       Cater for specific process technology of specific product;

    2)       Requisite in output of specialized products;

    3)       Help improve on-site management of non-standard products;

    4)       Makes mass and standard manufacturing process more target-oriented and flexible.


Now that specialized welding machine and welding fixture is so important, what is its specialty?

   2. Characteristic of Special Welding Equipment and Welding Fixture:

   1)       The No.1 trait of these specialized welding equipment and welding fixture distinguishing it from remaining standard welding equipment is of course its “Tailor-made”;

   2)       So, development of these machines usually involves more effort in designing, targeted validating process and longer lead time;

   3)       Special purpose welding equipment and welding fixture differs from case to case;

   4)       Design and production of special made welding equipment and welding fixture test capability of supplier, in view of both technical strength, and manufacturing capacity;

   5)       From business perspective, “Made-to-order” means higher manufacturing cost, and hence higher machine quotation. This should be considered by both customer and supplier at beginning.


  3. So, how to make the best use of Special Welding Machinery and Welding Fixture, making it bringing maximum benefit to both customers and suppliers?

    1)       Only adopt the proposal of special welding machine and welding fixture when there is no solution from standard products on hand;

    2)       Customer should be familiar with the strength of supplier they talk with in this field;

    3)       Supplier has mature and well-established development process on development of special purpose welding machine and welding fixture, covering all of the critical steps from concept design, failure mode analysis, control plan, validation plan, and put it into practice;

    4)       Supplier has rich accumulation in both special made welding machine and welding fixture itself, and experience gained over the years, and use it as a guide and inspiration for this time delivery of the product;

    5)       Last but not least, customer and supplier should set up an effective communication channel on regular basis for information exchange.


Now, with the understand on importance, specialty and main points of specialized welding machine and welding fixture, let’s explore its usage and category.

   4. Purpose and Classification of Special Welding Equipment and Welding Fixture:

    1)       From the viewpoint of function, these equipment meet the demand of specific needs. Such as beveling on special size plate (Small and or large), or very high speed finishing in one time flow, or welding of specific workpiece;

    2)       Judging from time axis, the special purpose welding machine can be grouped into welding prepare and welding operation:

    a)       Welding Preparation: The corresponding special welding equipment make welding process possible or more fluent. Example is Hobbing Cutter for making chamfering on small and thin plate, compared with standard Plate Beveling machine; Rolling Boring machine;

    b)      Welding Operation: The corresponding special welding machine performs welding process in high quality and high efficiency. Example is Welding fixture, Internal welding machine, Roller strap cladding machine, etc.;

    3)       The special made welding machine can also be viewed from delivering specific product. For example, the series of products composing production line on manufacturing large diameter longitudinal seam welding pipe for oil and gas pipeline deployment, involving Heavy duty Plate Traveling type Plate Edge Milling machine, Pipe Tack Welding machine, Pipe Internal Welding machine; The dedicated or product for University lab use; For welding Girder in Port Machinery and or Crane production; For welding Lamp post or Electric light pole, etc.;

     4)       The third way of classification on these special welding machinery and welding fixture is the corresponding welding technique it used, and or specific welding seam to be delivered: Built- up welding, Hard surfacing, Circumferential welding, Submerged arc welding for Covering, etc.


Nowadays, over the last few decades, with the growth of welding technique, workmanship and computer science, application of special welding machine and welding fixture also sees rapid burgeoning and trend. Let’s have a short discussion as the winding up of this article.

   5. Progress and Tendency of Special Purpose Welding Machine and Welding Fixture:

    1)       3D technology helps simulation and validation of design at early stage, in the form of VDRA (Virtual Design Realization Analysis) and VPPA (Virtual Production Process Analysis), thus eliminating large sums of potential error and risk;

    2)       Standardization is the basis for continuous improvement. Today the big data technique makes setting up library of welding fixture and specialized welding machine into reality of rich abundance, which is the first step toward standardization, extracting common points, and drawing successful experience & lessons of others.


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