XBJ-6 Single Milling Head Universal Plate Beveling Machine
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XBJ-6 Single Milling Head Universal Plate Beveling Machine


1. Outline on XBJ-6 Plate Edge Milling Machine:

1)       The attached photo was taken on a set of outdoors installed XBJ-6 Plate Edge Milling Machine in working;

2)       XBJ-series Plate Beveling machine is superior and flagship product of Wuxi JACK. Of which XBJ-6 Universal  Single head Edge Milling Machine is one of the frequent used models of this product family.

 2.     The Usage of XBJ-6 Plate Edge Milling Machine:

1)      Function of the Edge Milling Machine:

a)       The same name of this equipment is Plate Beveling machine: Plate Beveling machine, Plate End Milling machine and Edge Milling machine are all the popular names of the product;

b)      This is a kind of sheet metal Edge Milling Machine, which is used for making plate beveling and chamfering on edges of workpieces, into the finished welding groove of U/V/X bevels or straight edge, or even round edge, so that the follow up processing steps, especially welding can be implemented in the best level of quality and efficiency;

2)      The Workpiece Produced from Edge Milling Machine:

a)       The available chamfers made with Plate End Milling machine please check below sketch; 

Edge Milling Machine

b)      The example on finished sheet metal chamfering delivered from XBJ-6 Universal Edge Milling Machine is shown in below photo: 

Edge Milling Machine

3)      The model of “XBJ-6” refers to two information of this Plate Beveling machine:

a)       The longest valid edge milling length in the End Milling machine, which is the allowable length of workpiece metal plate is 6m;

b)      This Edge Milling Machine has one piece of milling head installed, for doing its Plate beveling and chamfering job;

4)      The Good Point of XBJ series Edge Milling Machine:

This type of Plate Beveling machine has the merits of high efficiency, good controllable and uniform quality, and is widely used in many industries such as Petrochemical, Pressure Vessel, Steel Structure, etc.

3.       The Application of XBJ-6 Plate Edge Milling Machine:

1)      Due to it working nature of pre-machining task, the XBJ-series Plate Edge Milling Machine is often located ahead of and adjacent to various kinds of welding machines, such as MP series Plate Butt Joint Welding Machine, in the layout of on site production line;

2)      The Counterpart of XBJ series Plate Edge Milling Machine:

a)       There is another type of equipment which has the similar function as this Plate Edge Milling Machine: the CG series Triple Flame Plate Cutting machine;

b)      Of course, these two kinds of Plate Beveling machine work in different working principle:

       i.           The XBJ series Edge Milling Machine accomplishes its task of sheet metal chamfering in the way of high speed running of facing cutter along machine bed;

      ii.           While CG series Triple Flame Plate Cutting machine fulfils its duty by means of flame cutting;

3)      Besides, as you can observe from the above photo: Bevels and or chamfers made with XBJ series Plate Edge Milling Machine has finer groove than those of CG series Triple Flame Plate Cutting machine.

4.       Technical Specialties of XBJ series Plate Edge Milling Machine:

1)      Working Scope of XBJ-6 Plate End Milling Machine:

a)       This single head XBJ-6 Plate End Milling machine is one of the “standard” types of its kind. Here the “Standard” means this model has one of the largest selling volumes among the product group of Edge Milling Machine;

b)      This set of XBJ-6 Plate End Milling machine is equipped with one set of 7.5kW milling head, in the valid 6m milling length available, which can meet the requirement of fairly amount of application scenario;

c)       This Edge Milling Machine can finish nearly all standard operations of plate beveling and chamfering, for the purpose under various application, this is reason it is called “Universal Edge Milling Machine”;

2)      Milling Head in XBJ-6 Plate End Milling machine:

a)       The milling head in XBJ-6 Edge Milling Machine has the power of 7.5kW, which is also equipped into DX series Beam End Face Milling Machine;

b)      In single head XBJ series Plate Beveling machine, the tilting range of milling head is within the range of 0°~45°;

c)       For initiation official work of Edge Milling Machine, the tilting and feed in of milling head can be realized, either with motor drive, or manual adjustment;

d)      At the completion of plate beveling and chamfering process, the milling head retreats to its original location in high speed of idle at the lateral side of End Milling machine bed.

5.       Technical Parameters of XBJ-6 Plate Edge Milling Machine:

Below is specification of this XBJ-6 Single Head Universal Plate Edge Milling Machine:


Technical   parameter

XBJ-6 Single Head Plate Edge Milling Machine

Max. Plate Beveling Length   (mm)


Power of Milling Head

7.5 kW

Hydraulic Power Motor

5.5 kW

Milling Head Quantity

1 set

Plate Thickness Range   for Sheet Metal chamfering

6∼50 mm

Edge Milling Working   Speed

130∼1000 mm/min.   (VFD, Inverter Control)

Idle High Speed of   Milling Head

4000 mm/min.

Hydraulic Rated   Pressure

5.5 MPa

Hydraulic   Working Pressure

3.5 MPa

Hydraulic System   Flowrate

47 L/min.

Worktable Width

450 mm

Worktable Height

1050 mm



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