Use skills of CNC plate flame cutting machine
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Use skills of CNC plate flame cutting machine

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Use skills of CNC plate flame cutting machine

When cutting with a CNC plate flame cutting machine, neutral flame or slight oxidizing fire is typically utilized. During the reducing process, the intensity of the fire needs to be made certain to be modest, and also the pre-heating flame needs to be selected according to the density of the work surface, the type of cutting nozzle, and also the high-quality needs.


When gas cutting thick steel plates, due to the slow-moving gas cutting rate of the gantry CNC fire cutting device, in order to protect against the top edge of the kerf from melting, the fire energy rate should be lowered appropriately; if the fire power rate is also large right now, constant grains will certainly be created on the upper edge of the kerf Shaped steel grains, even merged rounded corners, at the same time, raise the adhesion of slag on the back of the slit, which impacts the high quality of gas cutting. For instance, when gas cutting thin steel plate, due to the quick gas reducing speed, the fire energy price can be raised as necessary, however the reducing nozzle needs to be farther away from the workpiece and also maintain a particular disposition angle; if the fire energy price is also tiny currently, the workpiece cannot obtain sufficient warm, it will certainly reduce the gas reducing rate and also interrupt the gas cutting process.


l Below are some suggestions in the usage procedure we summed up:

l Reference model:


Below are some suggestions in the usage procedure we summed up:

1. The power of the pre-heating fire should increase with the increase of plate thickness. The thicker the cut, the higher the power of pre-heating flame;

2. When reducing thicker steel plates, a light carbonized flame needs to be made use of to stop the upper edge of the cut from thawing down and also at the same time make the outer flame longer.

3. When using diffusion cutting nozzles as well as oxygen drape cutting nozzles to cut steel plates with a density of less than 200mm, select a bigger fire power to accelerate the recovery of the leading edge of the incision to the ignition point, thus acquiring a higher cutting speed.

4. When reducing steel with greater carbon material or even more alloying elements, due to their greater ignition point, the power of pre-heating the fire is higher.

5. When cutting the groove with a solitary cutting nozzle, the slag is blown to the beyond the cut. In order to supplement power, boost the fire power.


Reference model

The gantry structure makes the model not just a lot more atmospheric in look, however also a lot more secure in operation, high performance, as well as long life span. It can be put on the light beam with a little airborne plasma power supply; it can be made use of for all sorts of carbon Reducing of large, tool, as well as little steel plates of steel materials such as steel, manganese steel as well as stainless steel. The transverse span of this version is 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m and other specifications, all adopt bilateral drive; it can also be outfitted with multiple reducing lanterns according to customer needs, or it can be configured as a dual-purpose cutting method for special-shaped cutting and also straight cutting. Capacitor or plasma automated elevation adjustment system is optional; fundamental arrangement: solitary fire or solitary plasma cutting torch, with automated ignition, without automatic elevation modification and plasma cutting power supply.


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