TB-series Welding T Beam Production Line for Shipbuilding
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TB-series Welding T Beam Production Line for Shipbuilding


As introduced in its product group, the TB-series welding T Beam Production line is mainly used for Shipbuilding industry.

This T Beam Production line for shipbuilding delivers finished product of similar appearance with welding H Beam, in the similar process technology as H Beam production; Meanwhile, due to its majority application at shipbuilding facilities,

   1. There are certain unique features with manufacturing process of T Beam Production for Shipbuilding,

       which mainly embodied in below four aspects:

   1) Rounding process introduced for plate before assembling --- This is because in Shipbuilding facilities, painting

     adhesion is a very important factor taken for qualified painting quality;

   2) GMAW CO2 welding in this multi-function T Beam Production line, instead of SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) 

      in H Beam production line;

   3) T Beam welding machine usually has several (up to 5~6) pieces of T Beam welded simultaneously in this 

     T Beam Manufacture Line for Shipbuilding, compared with only 1~2 in single set of H Beam welding machine, 

     or 4 pieces in H Beam production line;

   4) Due to the heavy welding fumes and arc light generated in the process of T Beam CO2 welding, EHS 

     (Environment Health Safety) is a foremost factor to be considered at the working site of T Beam Production 



    2. Process Technology of T Beam Manufacture Line mainly includes

    1)      Plate Cut;

    2)      End plate deburring and rounding;

    3)      T Beam Assembly and Tack Welding;

    4)      T Beam CO2 Welding;

    5)      Stiffener Straightening (Optional)

    3. The corresponding T Beam Production equipment adopted in this heavy duty T Beam Production line 


    1)  CNC/Strip Plate Cutting machine;--This is a kind of universal machine, not unique to T Beam production.

       We will give introduction in detail in its product family;

    2) RH1000 Edge Rounding machine; --- We will have an introduction here in this product group of T Beam 

       Manufacture machine, and also have an in-depth discussion in its own product family;

    3) Z10 Automatic T Beam Assembly and Tack Welding machine;

    4) LBA10 Automatic T Beam Welding machine for Shipbuilding;

    5) T Beam Straightening machine (Optional)


These machines can work individually as T Beam Production machine, or integrally as automatic T Beam Production Line, assisted with Conveyor /Auxiliary equipment like steel conveyor and flipping equipment.  


 4. Below are specifications of welding T Beam produced with this TB-series Welding T Beam Production line:



 T Beam Specification

T Beam Stiffener (Vertical Plate) Width

300∽1000    mm

T Beam Stiffener (Vertical Plate) Thickness

8∽20    mm

T Beam End Plate (Horizontal Plate) Width

100∽500 mm

T Beam End Plate (Horizontal Plate) Thickness

10∽40 mm

T Beam Length

4000∽12000 mm

T Beam End Plate Rounding Radius

R2.5 mm




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