SXBJ-9 Double Milling Head Versatile Plate Beveling Machine
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SXBJ-9 Double Milling Head Versatile Plate Beveling Machine


Same as SXBJ-6, the SXBJ-9 versatile Plate Beveling Machine is medium sized Plate Edge Milling Machine which doubles its edge milling productivity with 2 sets of milling heads installed. 

1. Application Trend of the SXBJ-9 Edge Milling Machine:

1)       Over the past several years, it witnessed trend of double milling heads equipped at Sheet Metal Edge Milling Machine of middle size;

2)       9m sheet edge beveling length is within the frequent used range of 6m ~ 12m. It has wide application catering for majority size of metal plate to be edge milled. This is the reason the SXBJ-9 double head Versatile Plate Edge Milling Machine has more and more application with the time going.

Edge Milling Machine

2. Working Mode of Double Milling Head Plate Edge Milling Machine:

1)     As mentioned at the beginning of this production section, double milling head makes the efficiency of Edge Milling Machine twice as original;

2)     The two most often adopted working ways in double milling head Plate Edge Milling Machine are:

a)       The 2 sets of milling units work together in pair, (Which means, one following the other); The leading one is responsible for plate edge milling of top bevels, and the follow one is responsible for plate edge milling of bottom bevels;

b)      Or, the 2 sets of milling units share the valid stroke of this Plate Edge Milling Machine, and each one is responsible for sheet edge beveling task of its “Duty range”. Please note here that the 2 sets of the milling units travel in the same direction during its plate edge milling process, instead of traveling toward each other;

3)    Milling units of the SXBJ (Double heads) and XBJ(Solitary head) Plate Edge Milling Machine are driven with motor reducers of 2.2kW, and controlled with inverter for adjustable speed within the range of 0.13∼1 m/min.; When not in work, the idling speed can be up to 4m/min,boosting work efficiency greatly;

4)       For accurate positioning of workpiece, to get the best quality of sheet metal edge milling, there are fender units of this Plate Edge Milling Machine which are fit at one side of guiderail on the machine bed. The fenders can be pulled out by hand and then retreated back into machine bed. Please check picture as below:

Edge Milling Machine

3. Technical Parameters of SXBJ-9 Double Heads Edge Milling Machine:

Below are specifications of the SXBJ-9 Double Milling Head Versatile Plate Edge Milling Machine:


Technical   parameter

SXBJ-9 Double Milling Head

Plate Beveling machine

Max. Plate Beveling Length   (mm)


Power and rpm of Milling Head

7.5 kW, 1440 rpm

Spindle rpm of Edge Milling Head

75 ~ 420 r/min., 6 grades by handwheel

Hydraulic Power Motor

5.5 kW

Milling Head Quantity

2 sets

Plate thickness for   Sheet Metal chamfering

6∼100 mm

Milling Angle of Top Milling unit

0° to +45°

Milling Angle of Down Milling unit

-45° to 0°

Edge Milling Speed

130∼1000 mm/min.   (VFD, Inverter Control)

High Speed of Idle

4000 mm/min.

Applicable   Diameter of Facer Plate

D=Ø125 ~ Ø320mm (Ø200 For delivery)

Quantity of   Hydraulic Jacks

12 pieces

Hydraulic Rated   Pressure

5.5 MPa

Hydraulic   Working Pressure

3.5 MPa

Hydraulic System   Flowrate

47 L/min.

Worktable Width

450 mm




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