SXBJ-10 Double Milling Head Automated Plate Beveling Machine
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SXBJ-10 Double Milling Head Automated Plate Beveling Machine


The SXBJ-10 Double Milling Head Automated Plate Beveling Machine is the last one of XBJ and SXBJ-series Sheet Chamfering Equipment introduced in this website.


As a summary,

  1. Category of The XBJ and SXBJ Automated Plate Bevel Machine:

-       In terms of valid edge milling stroke, the equipment falls into standard type and non standard type. The standard type includes 6m/ 9m/ 12m/ 15m/ 18m/3m/ 4m; The non standard type customer can denote their required definite max. edge milling stroke, not only integer stroke, such as 5m or 7m, but also half m stroke is available, such as 12.5m, etc.;

-       In terms of efficiency, the Automated Plate Beveling Machine falls into XBJ (with single milling head) and SXBJ(with double milling head);

2. Structure of the XBJ and SXBJ-series Automated Sheet Chamfer Equipment:

I.      Mechanical system: It is the main body of the machine.

1)     Machine bed of gantry style;

2)     Manual or hydraulic front extension unit for plate feeding;

3)     Carriage of Milling head;

4)     Top and bottom guiderail;

5)     7.5 kW milling head with adjustable angle(by Hand) and speed(Inverter control);

6)     Auxiliary unit, such as security fender, plate feeding fender, etc;

II.   Hydraulic system:  It drives group of jacks for holding down workpiece firmly during edge-milling process. Its operation is individual, not integrated with the automated plate bevel machine. There is a panel on the hydraulic pump station. And the pump station is put alongside with the machine bed. Please check below photo:

 4- pump station panel

III. Electric control system: Control board is fit on the carriage of milling head, and moved along the carriage during edge milling. 


3. Operation of the XBJ and SXBJ-series Automated Sheet Chamfering Equipment:

Operating panel is also fit onto the moving carriage, within one arm length reach of operator. In this way, it is very easy and convenient for operator to manipulate the whole edge milling process;

For safety operation of the automated plate beveling machine, customer need to set up and implement strict safety regulation based on suggestion from us, and fully utilizing security units of the machine. Operator should put on full set of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) of safety glasses, hard shoes and hard hat all along during the entire beveling operation;

4. Maintenance of the XBJ and SXBJ-series Plate Beveling Machine:

Covering contents of contamination control; Lubrication; Regular inspection, etc. We provide suggestion in the manual book of the plate bevel machine, and like safety control, customer need to set up and implement strict TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance) plan and put it into practice.


We look forward to receiving request from customers globally on this automated plate beveling machine. It is the superior product of our company.


Below is specification of the SXBJ-10 Automatic Double Head Plate Beveling Machine:







Max. length of   plate machined one pass



Plate   thickness



Distance from   pack to worktable



Milling angle

Top milling unit

0° to +45°

Adjust by manual

Down milling unit

-45° to 0°


Edge Milling   speed

   130∼1000mm/min. (VFD, Inverter Control)


Idle Speed





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