PR24 Electric Downward Stroke Compact Pipe Welding Positioner with Rotation
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PR24 Electric Downward Stroke Compact Pipe Welding Positioner with Rotation


From the previous section we can understand that this product is a kind of pipe welding positioner, acquiring optimum welding position by means of workpiece rotation and tilt.


   1. Specification Outline:

    1) PR24 is a small pipe welding positioner, for welding pipe/tube/elbow of diameter ranging 60mm ~800mm;

    2) Revolve speed of the bottom rollers (or, welding speed) is changeable within the boundary of 0.09~0.9 rpm;

    3) This pipe welding positioner with rotation has the 2nd motion of tilting, or swing, around radial axis of

       workpiece in velocity of 1.2rpm, to and from -45°~+45°;

    4) The top press roller elevates within the stroke of 510mm with speed of 245mm/min. of motor drive;

    5) This compact pipe welding positioner has overall dimension of 1.85m height, 1.27m length, and 0.87m width,

       taking very small space occupation.

   2. Equipment Structure

This PR-series electric pipe welding positioner has main units of Bed/ Revolve unit/Tilt unit/Press unit/Control system. See below sketch:


   1) Bed: It is the supporting base and work table of this universal pipe welding positioner. The remaining units of

     the equipment are installed on it. It is welded into the frame shape with steel plates and channels, and 

     machined again after annealing. It has strong rigidity and shock-resistant capability;

   2) Revolve unit: Of this general purpose pipe welding positioner is composed of 2 sets of bottom rollers and its

      driving& transmission system: motor reducer and chain& sprocket;

   3) Tilt unit: Of this universal electric pipe welding positioner is fit on the wall boards of bed. It is driven with 

      motor reducer and transmitted with gear sector. See below sketch;

Tilting unit

   4) Press unit: Of this small electric pipe welding positioner is for

     - Holding workpiece firmly onto the bottom rollers;

     - Increasing friction force between the workpiece and rollers;

     - Making smoother revolve of the workpiece;

     - Guaranteeing no slippage of the workpiece during its tilting.

Position of the press roller (downward stroke) is adjustable for accommodating pipe/tube/elbow of different diameters;

    5) Control System: Of this electric pipe welding positioner consists of control elements of Breaker/ Inverter/

       Contactor/Relay and Control Board/ Operating Panel.


We will go on with drive &transmission of this PR-series general purpose electric pipe welding positioner in the next section of PR40.


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