PR-series Industrial General Purpose Variable Speed Electric Pipe Rotator for Welding
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PR-series Industrial General Purpose Variable Speed Electric Pipe Rotator for Welding


With coverage on Purpose/ Construction/ Drive& Transmission/ Parameters& Specification of this PR-series automatic pipe rotator in the preceding product sections, in this segment we will have introduction its operation.


Operation of the automatic pipe rotator for welding:

   1)  Control board: It is put alongside the equipment on the floor and can be moved if necessary;

   2)  Operating mechanism: Manipulation of this pipe rotating machine is made with three units:

     a) Pushbuttons integrated on door of control board: See attached picture. It is for general control of the

        equipment: Power Switch On/ Alarm and Clear/ Emergency Stop Button;

    b) Operating Pendant: See attached picture. Concrete operating steps of this pipe rotating equipment is

      performed with it. Including Revolve Start &Stop/ Revolve FOR&RVR/ Revolve Speed Control and Its Digital

      Display/Tilt Forward& Backward/ Press Roller Hold Down & Release/ Emergency Stop;

     c) Foot Pedal Switch: See attached picture. It is for releasing operator’s hand for other jobs during work: With

       the switch stepped, the workpiece keeps revolving; And with it released, the revolve stops. In this way, one 

       operator is fine for operating this pipe rotating equipment for welding;

   3) Two grades of Square Slots for Adjusting Bottom Rollers: See below picture in red color square. There are

     two grades of square slots cut in the top side of the two wall boards. The two sets of bottom rollers can be put

    into either grade of square slots. This is for accommodating pipe/tube/elbow of various diameter;

 Slot and Leadscrew

   4) Leadscrew for adjusting Revolving Speed: At the front wall board of this automatic pipe rotating equipment

      there is a leadscrew. See above picture in yellow color square. In case the equipment exhibits unstable revolve,

     this leadscrew can be adjusted downward in certain degree, to tighten the sprocket of revolve;

   5) V rollers and U rollers: Besides standard rollers as shown in the attached picture, there are also U and V 

     rollers equipped with this pipe rotating machine for welding, which can be used for securing and welding 

     flanges as well. So, we can see this equipment is a genuine sense of general purpose pipe rotator for welding;

   6) Downward Travel of the Press Roller: This direction motion of this automatic pipe rotating machine has both

     motor-drive and manual mode: First the press roller descends with the guide of sliding shaft which is driven and

     transmitted with leadscrew & nut in the speed of 245mm/min.; Then with the manual spanner at the top of the

     downward traveling unit, the press roller can be manipulated downward in inching mode until it presses the 

     workpiece tightly.


With this we come to the completion of introduction on this PR-series General Purpose Pipe Rotator for Welding. Special-design product is available.


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