LHZ High Efficiency Multi-function Automatic Welding Manipulator for Industry
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LHZ High Efficiency Multi-function Automatic Welding Manipulator for Industry


In the prior product we get to understand that LHZ Automatic welding manipulator has comprehensive sizes/capacities/configurations/applications in variation, which is a family of multi-function welding manipulator.

Now that there are so many options with this series of LHZ multi-function automatic welding manipulator to choose from, how to select the most appropriate one? 

Below are the guiding principles on selection of model& specification of specific multi-function weld manipulator as a reference:

    1) Operating space of the multi-function welding column and boom should be sufficient for meeting demand

       on welding process technology and on-site production;

    2) As explained previously, for the LHZ multi-function weld column and boom, boom vertical and horizontal 

       movement is indispensable, or a must; As to whether it is necessary to have capability of column revolve

      (Either by hand or with motor-drive) and or travelling trolley, that depends on practical condition of 


    3) As introduced in the former products, the multi-function column and boom is of building block structure

      Which means, on the basis of elementary components and assemblies (Column, boom, base/trolley, motor&

     transmission units, saddle, welding system, operating head), there are several options (for example, seam

      tracing unit, video monitor, oscillator, etc.) to make this multi-function welding manipulator a more powerful

      and versatile welding manipulator;

    4) Besides, as to the standard units of this multi-function welding column and boom, there are also several 

      variations with each type standard unit. For example, operating heads. Besides the basic and most common

      used welding head,

     Operating Heads:

               i. SAW (Submerged arc welding);

              ii. ESW(Electro slag welding);

             iii. GMAW (Gas metal arc welding);

            iv. CO2 Gas shielded welding;

             v. MIG (Metallic inert gas);

            vi. TIG (Tungsten inert gas);

           vii. MAG (Metal active gas arc welding);

          viii. Narrow gap welding

      There are also other kinds of operating heads other than welding that can be equipped with this LHZ general

     purpose welding manipulator:

      - Carbon arc gouging/ Grinding/Polishing/Painting/ Testing, etc.

    For this reason, When making inquiry on this universal welding manipulator, customer can denote the types of

     operating heads for their requirement;

   5) When it is necessary for the multi-function weld manipulator to be worked in coordination with other welding 

      equipment, (welding positioner, welding rotator, welding robot, etc.), the positioning precision of this multi-

     function automatic welding manipulator should be stipulated and made clear; Also, the communicating 

    interface should be arranged in the electric control system of the machine;

   6) When the LHZ universal welding manipulator is used for internal welding of the small diameter cylindrical

      workpiece (longitudinal and or circumferential), such operation belongs to blind welding. To have well-placed

      control on the welding process, an external surveillance unit should be used. For example, video monitor,

     which we will have introduction in the 2nd next product(No.21st, this product is the No.19th of product family of

      multi-function weld Column and boom);

   7) There are 2 important indexes measuring performance of the LHZ multi-function welding manipulator, which

     should be considered when making choice on model& specification of the specific LHZ multi-function welding

      column and boom:


      - Stability of Boom leftward and rightward movement (Involves welding process);

      - Deflection of the boom end at the maximum extend of the boom


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