LHZ Fast And High Quality Electric Welding Manipulator for Industry
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LHZ Fast And High Quality Electric Welding Manipulator for Industry


The LHZ electric welding manipulator, in terms of its working principle, is mainly composed of operating unit, control unit, power source unit, and process technology guarantee unit.

    1.Operating unit of LHZ Electric Welding Column and Boom:

       Consists of:

     1) Machine frame of the weld manipulator: Base/ Trolley, column, boom, saddle;

     2) Guiderail;

     3) Cable drag chain;

     4) Welding system: Welding power supply, torch, wire feeder;

     5) Welding torch position manipulating cross-slides at the front end of boom;

   2. Control unit of LHZ Electric Weld Column and Boom:

     1) Electric control system of this automatic welding column and boom;

     2) Control console of welding power supply, wire feeder, seam tracing unit;

   3.Power source unit of LHZ Electric Weld Manipulator:

     1) Motors of boom vertical movement, horizontal movement, column revolve and trolley traveling;

     2) Transmission units of the above-mentioned movement:

        - Leadscrew (for light duty Automatic weld manipulator)/ Chain-sprocket (for medium duty and heavy duty

          Automatic welding manipulator) for boom up and down movement;

        - Gear& rack for boom horizontal movement;

        - Slewing support (Cross roll bearing) for column revolve;

    4. Process technology guarantee unit of LHZ Electric Column and Boom:

     1) Welding wire guiding mechanism;

     2) Contact tube;

     3) Optional seam tracing unit;

     4) Optional video monitor;

     5) Optional oscillator (for GMAW CO2 welding)

To adjust welding torch/wire position in precise way, for the purpose of delivering persistent high precision of welding finished product.


We can see all the motions of the LHZ universal welding manipulator are powered with motor. There is no hydraulic and or pneumatic system with these automatic welding manipulators. This is the reason we call the equipment LHZ Electric welding manipulator.

One of the details we need to emphasize here is transmission manner of boom movement in the LHZ Electric welding column and boom:

     1) Boom vertical movement transmitted with Chain sprocket (for light duty weld manipulator sometimes it is

        leadscrew). Please check below picture:

      Fig1 Chain and sprocket

       Chain and sprocket:

        - Relative lower manufacturing cost, and reliable running;

        - Positioning precision is inferior to gear and rack. This direction of boom movement (up and down) is for

          adjusting boom vertical position to fit for changing diameter of workpieces of these electric weld 

          manipulators. Which is fine with chain-sprocket transmission;

      2) Boom horizontal movement transmitted with gear and rack. Please check below picture:

     Fig2 Gear and rack

        Gear and Rack:

        - The highest manufacturing cost among all options of transmission manner;

        - Reliable and smooth running;

        - Best degree of positioning precision among all options, which is the most appropriate solution for boom

          horizontal movement, or welding management of these LHZ Automatic welding column and booms.


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