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LHZ Convenient And Accurate Automated Welding Manipulator for Industry


We have covered nearly all aspects of LHZ Automated welding column and boom in the former segments of product description, and have a general view of this product family of Automated column and boom.

Besides, as we mentioned earlier, this series of automated weld column and boom is a kind of versatile and powerful equipment in industry, and can fulfil many challenging jobs for customer demand. This is the reason there are some optional units equipped with this group of automated welding manipulator. For example, welding tracing unit, which we have an introduction in the No.14th product (LHZ High Precision Automatic Welding Manipulator with Seam Tracing Unit).


In this section we will go further to present another 3 important optional units with this species of LHZ automated weld manipulator. Equipment with these efficient optional supporting units, the product belongs to specialized welding manipulator:

1.Cross slide for manipulating precise position of welding torch:

    Please check below picture:

  Fig 1 Cross slide

    1) It has same name as saddle of the boom travel, but different mechanism;

    2) Saddle is for boom vertical and horizontal movement guide;

    3) This cross slide is for guiding welding torch vertical and horizontal movement of the specialized column and


    4) This cross slide has same function as seam tracing unit. So, the 2 units do not appear together in one set of 

      automated welding column and boom. In other words, either of the 2 units is enough to be used in a set of

     automated welding manipulator for adjusting position of the welding torch;

    5) The seam tracing unit is a close-loop control unit, while this cross-slide is an open loop manipulating unit;

    6) Working principle of the cross-slide:

      - As can be seen from the above picture, there are 2 motors for powering both directions of welding torch

        movement during work of the automated weld manipulator;

      - There is a laser unit on the welding torch. It can emit laser beam and have a focal point projected on the 

        object surface;

      - Before welding, checking position of the welding torch by the focal point projected, whether it is perfectly on

        the prospected welding seam position;

      - If necessary, manipulate position of the welding torch by means of the switches on operating pendant of the

       automated welding manipulator, until the focal point projected perfectly on the prospected welding seam 


  2.Video Monitor for checking welding condition in the case of internal welding:

     Please check below picture:

    Fig 2 Video Monitor

     1) In the case of internal welding (longitudinal and or circumferential seam), especially small diameter 

        workpiece, it is hard for people to gain direct access on the welding torch. Video monitor is a hit for 

       managing welding process;

     2) With this optional unit, the LHZ specialized welding column and boom can track condition of internal 

       welding in real time manner, and control the welding process of the specialized welding manipulator at will;

   3.Welding oscillator for large cover area during CO2 welding beveling:

     Please check below picture:

     Fig 3 Oscillator

     1) When making chamfering in the process of CO2 welding, due to its relative thinner wire, it is difficult to get a

         satisfactory cover surface;

     2) With oscillator fit on the welding torch, the specialized weld column and boom can have welding torch swing

        leftward and rightward, to have a larger area of welding scope, and thus get a satisfactory welding surface 



With numerous variations in equipment size and configuration, these LHZ specialized weld manipulators has the capability of meeting all around requirements from all customers.



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