LHT T Type High Quality H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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LHT T Type High Quality H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


The automatic I Beam welding equipment (H Beam) of submerged arc welding is a comprehensive system integrating management of outsourced components into one machine control. Conceivably, quality of these purchased units play an important role in quality assurance of these LHA gantry type, LHC column type, and LHT T type I Beam welding equipment.


We give introduction on SAW power source of HUAYUAN and Lincoln in previous products of these large I Beam welding equipment. Besides it, another important outsourced component is Flux Recovery and Recycling unit, which affects SAW welding quality and running cost in large degree. For this unit we choose Chinese brand, to be specifically, Wuxi local supplier of LianTong product.


This is the introduction on flux recovery and recycling unit used in our column type, T type, and gantry type I Beam welding equipment:

  1) Brief

      LTHS-E-type flux recovery and recycling unit can be used for all kinds of welding process which involve

      recycling flux for use, such as submerged arc welding;

  2) Formation

    -  It is composed of main body of the recovery unit, flux hopper, stainless steel pipe, connection hose and

       suction tip;

    - Its flux hopper is installed on the front side of beam of T type, gantry type, and column type I Beam welding

      equipment, and main body on the top of frame of these SAW machines;

   - Suction tip is installed on the front end of welding torch;

   - Connection among main body, flux hopper and suction tip is by way of stainless steel tubes and hoses;   

   - In this way, it forms a complete set of automatic flux circulating, transmission and recovery system;  

Flux Recovery unit

  3) Working Principle

   -  The flux recovery and recycling unit is controlled with PLC;

   - By means of two pneumatic valves, the storage bucket is divided into 3 sections of recovery bucket, transition

     bucket and feeding bucket;

   - During welding process of the LHA, LHT and LHC column I Beam welding equipment, fluxes are sent from 

      recovery bucket into feeding bucket by way of transition bucket, without necessity of shutting off the unit;

   - When flux volume inside the feeding bucket becomes less than 15kg, the recovery unit will give alarm;

  4) Operation

   - There is a material-feeding valve at the bottom of the unit, which is controlled with a knob. Flux of different

     kind can be replaced with this knob;

   - Operation of the flux recovery and recycling unit is made with remote control. Either by means of pendant, or

      connected with operating panel of the welding machine. (For the LHT T, LHC column, and LHA gantry I Beam

      welding equipment of our company, we adopt the 2nd option);

   - Every time apply flux into the unit with the volume not exceeding 50kg. Too much may lead to clog;

   - For the 1st time working for the T style, column style and gantry style I Beam welding equipment, switch on the

     recovery unit, and feel air flow direction of exhaust outlet at the backside of the unit by hand. If air blows out, 

     that means fan works properly; Or else if suck in the wind, that means fan revolves in reversed direction. Need

     to shut off power and make adjustment on power phase of the unit

For more details on installation, operation and maintenance of the flux recovery & recycling unit installed on the T style, gantry style and column style I Beam welding equipment of our company, please check the manual and diagram of the unit together with other technical documents delivered. 


Below are specifications of this LHT T type Automatic I Beam Welding Equipment:




Operator Working Position

Beneath T frame, between 2 supporting racks,

stand on the floor

H Beam Flange Width (mm)

200 ~ 800

H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 40

Can be special made

H Beam Web Height (mm)

200 ~ 2000

H Beam Web Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 32

Can be special made

H Beam Length   (mm)

4000   ~ 15000

Can be special made

Gantry Travel Rail Length (mm)


Gas Pressure


For driving Arc tracing unit and flux recovery unit

Flux Recovery and Recycling unit


2 sets

Equipped with SAW power source one set each

Flux Recovery and Recycling unit Capacity

50 kg

Flux Recovery and Recycling unit Alarm Threshold

15 kg


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