LHC Column Type High Precision H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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LHC Column Type High Precision H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


As closure of introduction on LHC column type I Beam weld equipment for H Beam submerged arc welding, there are some points for attention for its installation, usage and maintenance (This is true for LHA gantry type I Beam weld equipment and LHT T type I Beam weld equipment also):

  1) Workshop Electricity Power Specification

     For maintaining good quality SAW,

    - Voltage fluctuation under rated frequency should be ≤±10%;

    - Frequency fluctuation under rated voltage should be ≤±2%

  2) Machine Foundation and Installation

   - We provide foundation drawing for LHA gantry, LHT T style, and LHC column style I Beam weld equipment;

   - For such kind of SAW machine, reliable and firm fitness of the rail for trolley travel is very important. They

     should be secured onto workshop floor with anchor bolts;

  3) Check Points for Machine Installation and Assembly

   -  Make sure rail joints are located on the lining boards of foundation. Adjust level and distance between rails, 

      no clearance between joints;

   -  Levelness of rail on the trolley platform should be kept within≤0.5mm;

   -  Adjust clearance of rail joints at carriage, welding arm and trolley, making clearance between eccentric rollers

      and rail ≤0.3mm,with flexible motion of no blockage;

   -  Adjust clearance between rail of floating unit and cross-slides, making it flexible and with no looseness. Then

      adjust spring pressure on the floating unit to proper tightness;

    - Adjust clearance between 2 pairs of eccentric rollers and rail, guaranteeing flexible travel of trolley, no 

      blockage or crawling;

  4) Consumables of machine

      For these LHC column I Beam weld equipment (And LHT, LHA gantry I Beam weld equipment), during its daily

     operation, there are 2 kinds of consumables of high consumption:

      - Welding flux;

      - Welding wire --- For submerged arc welding, it is solid wire of size φ3.2~φ5mm;

      - For wire spool replacement and welding flux replenish, please drive the welding arm transversely to the 

        location close to column, and perform the replace work on the platform. (This is for the purpose of keep

        balance of this column type large I Beam weld equipment to the best degree);

  5) Cleanness of working environment

       Although there is no explicit Contamination Control regulation on the welding working site, for the purpose 


     - Operator health;

     - Stable and long service life of machine

     - Consistent high standard of SAW output

It is very important to keep cleanness of working site for LHT T, LHC column and LHA gantry style H Beam weld equipment, to be specific,

    -  No sundries on rail surface. Clean working site regularly, guaranteeing smooth and stable running of trolley;

    - Clean off blockage on the sieve of flux recovery unit regularly;

    - For welding power source, too much accumulated dust may lead to issues of excessive hot, or short circuit. 

      So,periodically clean off shield and internal cabinet of the power source with proper tool (For example, blow off

      dust instead of rub off)


All the above-mentioned is very important for precise management of the SAW machine with stable performance.


Below are specifications of this LHC Column style Automatic I Beam Weld Equipment:




Operator Working Position

Stand on moving trolley of column body

H Beam Flange Width (mm)

200 ~ 800

H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 40

Can be special made

H Beam Web Height (mm)

200 ~ 2000

H Beam Web Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 32

Can be special made

H Beam Length   (mm)

4000  ~ 12000

Can be special made

Gantry Travel Rail Length (mm)


Can be special made

Rail Span (mm)


Submerged Arc Welding type

45° fillet welding

Submerged Arc Welding mode

Single Arc,

Or   Tandem Arc

Welding Power Source brand and model

Chinese   HUAYUAN or

U.S.A   Lincoln

ZD7-1000   or


SAW Welding speed (mm/min.)

240 ~ 2400

Idle speed (mm/min.)




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