LHC Column Type Efficient H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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LHC Column Type Efficient H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


This LHC column type I Beam weld machine (I Beam is synonym of H Beam) is for high- speed SAW of H-beam in automatic H Beam Production line. For web thickness above 20mm, it can be either Single Arc or Tandem Arc. With the latter, 2 sets of welding power source should be used.


  1) By means of travel cart, the assembled and tack-welded H-beams are put on the 60° Hydraulic Overturning


  2) With the 60° hydraulic overturning rack, the H Beam is turned into 45° fillet weld position;

  3) During SAW welding, controlled with automatic arc seam tracker, welding torch moves in the 3 axes of X/Y/Z,

     making precise alignment on welding seam all the time.

     X--- Transverse long beam. This can be controlled with handwheel (This is true with LHT T type I Beam weld 

             machine and LHAZ& LHAC gantry type I Beam weld machine also). Please check below picture marked in

            red-color round; (Note: Some customer request motor control this direction movement. Under such condition we 

             install a motor on the beam, and have Toggle switch on the operating pendant to manipulate);


     Y --- Vertical along welding arm. This is accomplished with Toggle switch on panel;

     Z--- Forward and backward along the rail: This is realized with trolley travel

  4) As can be checked from its structure, for this column style I Beam weld machine, the machine body of trolley

     -column-beam has two apparent “issues”:

     -It is not as stable as gantry frame in LHA gantry I Beam weld machine, or T frame in LHT. At least looks like this;

     -  It has smaller area for putting components compared with LHA gantry and LHT T frame

     Consequently, to make stable running in welding mode and idle travel mode, and do not have a cramped


     - Trolley is double drive with double shaft in VFD (variable frequency drive) manner;

     - Welding speed is adjusted with knob within 10-fold range, and displayed in digital on operating pendant;

     - Instead of put on the trolley or on the beam, control board is integrated inside column, with operating

       pendant fit on the door. Check below picture marked in red color square frame;

Operating Pendant

     - Trolley base has 30cm height, with transmission units of motor reducer fit inside. This also increases stability

        of the trolley;

     - Beam is kept as short as possible: extension 1500mm;

     -  Unlike LHAZ& LHAC gantry style I Beam weld machine and LHT T style I Beam weld machine, which put 

        welding power source on the floor in fixed manner, this LHC column Beam weld machine has welding power

        source on its trolley at the lower section, this also increases its steadiness. Please check the above picture 

       marked in green color square frame;

  5) Welding parameters can be adjusted with console of power source. The console is installed on the column,

       alongside operating pendant. There is switch on the pendant, to make transform between “WELD” and 



Below are specifications of this LHC Column type Automatic I Beam Weld Machine:




Operator Working Position

Stand on moving trolley of column body

H Beam Flange Width (mm)

200 ~ 800

H Beam Flange Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 40

Can be special made

H Beam Web Height (mm)

200  ~ 2000

H Beam Web Thickness (mm)

6 ~ 32

Can be special made

H Beam Length   (mm)

4000  ~ 12000

Can be special made

Gantry Travel Rail Length (mm)


Can be special made

Trolley Bed thickness (mm)


Trolley Beam Extension (mm)





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