LHA55Z Center Control Gantry Type H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine
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LHA55Z Center Control Gantry Type H Beam Submerged Arc Welding Machine


The LHA55Z is the largest model of automatic gantry type H Beam weld machine. It can weld H Beam with its web up to 2000mm. So, in H Beam production, the Assembly and Tack welding machine matched with LHA55Z is Z20. While for previous product of LHA5Z, the mating Assembly machine is Z15 or Z18, depending on the max. web height. For LHA4Z, it is Z15 (although LHA4Z and Z15 have different max. web height: LHA4Z is 1200mm, and Z15 is 1500mm).


Notes for day-to-day operations of automatic gantry type H Beam weld machine:

  1) Welding mode: Submerged arc welding usually utilizes large current of 1000A, 1250A or 1500A (in CO2 tack welding, it is 350~ 500A), at 45° fillet position of H Beam.

Unlike CO2 tack weld in Assembly machine, this SAW is not recommended to be performed manually. Which means, for these high precision H Beam submerged arc welding machine, only automatic welding mode is available, no option of manual welding;

  2) Welding Speed: As introduced, welding speed is gantry travel speed. It is inverter control, within the range of 0.24 ~ 2.4m/min. On the operating panel, there is knob for its adjustment, and digital display unit for its showing in actual and real time manner;

  3) Operator skill: With automatic welding in automated gantry type H Beam weld machine, its operator does not 

      need to command superb welding skill and rich expertise as in the case of manual welding. However, he or she        should grasp welding knowledge and gain welding experience of at least medium level.

       To be specially, the capability on:

       -  Managing SAW welding process with SAW power supply;

       -  Judging SAW quality;

       -  If ever welding defects happen, how to make repair

      For this reason, if a novice comes to the position of operating the H Beam weld machine, he or she needs to

       take part in the corresponding training and pass the skill test (qualified), before working on his or her own.

  4) Integration of outsourced units: With numerous outsourcing units equipped in the high quality gantry type 

       H Beam weld machine,

      -  SAW power supply of 2 sets;

      -  Flux recovery unit of 2 sets;

      -  Wire feeder of 2 sets;

      -  Arc tracing unit of 2 sets

      The linkage among these units, and with main machine, to make it into an integral system, is important for 

      both producer and user of this automatic H Beam weld machine.

       - On the one hand, each unit has its own console for manipulation;

       - On the other hand, control system of this high efficiency gantry type H Beam weld machine integrates 

         control of these units into its control circuit and feedback loop. And on the aspect of operation, operating

         panel of the machine has corresponding button or switch to manipulate each of the individual unit;

        - Manuals of all these units will be supplied to customer together with other technical documents, at the time

          of machine delivery and acceptance

  5) Environment: For maintenance and service of the efficient gantry type H Beam weld machine, welding is a process technology carried out in the “rough” surroundings. For this reason,

         -  There is no Contamination Control request on working site of the machine;

         -  On the other hand, a lot of heat will be generated during SAW process. So, it is necessary and important to

          maintain temperature at the location of H Beam Weld machine (not exceeding 40℃), for the purpose of not

          only operator health and safety, but also welding quality


Below are specifications of this LHA55Z center control High Precision Gantry type H Beam Welding Machine:




Operator   Working Position

Center of Gantry, between 2 supporting racks

H Beam Flange   Width (mm)

200   ~ 800

H Beam Flange   Thickness (mm)

6 ~  40

Can be special made

H Beam Web   Height (mm)

200  ~ 2000

H Beam Web   Thickness (mm)

6 ~  32

Can be special made

H Beam Length   (mm)

4000  ~ 15000

Gantry   Span (mm)


Gantry   Travel Rail Length (mm)




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