High Precision Light Barrel GMAW Automatic Welding Center for Pharmaceutical Industry
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High Precision Light Barrel GMAW Automatic Welding Center for Pharmaceutical Industry


The welding center of this segment, as its name implies, is for welding stainless steel cylindrical parts with GMAW for the sealed cylinders used in a pharmaceutical plant.


Abstract of this automatic welding center:

    1) This welding integrated station is for welding stainless steel pipe with thickness up to 10mm;

    2) This welding integrated system consists of one set of LHZ3030 welding manipulator, one set of 2Ton

      leadscrew adjusting welding rotator, and one set of Panasonic 500GL5 welding power supply together

     with wire feeder;

    3) The welding wire used in this welding complex can be either solid or flux wire, of Φ1.2mm/ Φ1.4mm/


    4) Due to the single working station, the welding manipulator of this automatic weld center is stationary with

      manually-operated column revolving. The revolving of column is considered for the convenience of future 

      adjustment of welding rotator position;

    5) As can be seen in the attached pictures, the 2Ton leadscrew adjustable welding rotator of this weld center is

      put onto the working table. This is for the purpose of ergonomics --- that operator can have a comfortable

      position to manage the welding process;

    6) The smaller and thicker pipe inside the stainless steel workpiece serves asballast for this weld center 


    7) The GMAW, or gas shielded welding process emits arc light which do harm on people’s eyes. This is the

       reason welding face shield is used even in automatic welding of this weld integrated station. The operator 

       needs to manipulate and surveillance welding process of the stainless steel workpiece;

    8) Welding torch of this automatic welding center is fit on the front end of boom; While the welding rotator

       serves as holding unit and rotation of the workpiece;

    9) Seam tracing unit is usually for controlling welding process of thick workpiece (thickness above 12mm) 

       which involves several passes of welding. In this weld complex for thin workpiece (maximum 10mm), which

      needs only 1~2 passes of welding, seam tracing unit is not necessary;

   10) This set of convenient welding center can be used for internal welding also. For this purpose, boom of the

      welding manipulator needs to be lowered down to the same level as center of the workpiece, and extended

      into the workpiece for performing welding process;

   11)  Material of stainless steel and thin thickness of the workpiece in this automatic weld center calls for stricter

     demand on precision control. Besides the design and manufacture of mechanical system of this welding

     integrated system, the welding power supply applied also has several technical features to meet the demand.

     For example, the Pulse constant arc length control---ALC (Arc Length Consistence) as below:

    Fig1 Arc length  Fig2 Welding seam

     This means with the changing wire extending length (within the range of 10~ 30mm), the arc length is kept at

     a constant value in the welding process of this high precision welding center. It is realized with the pulse

     parameters of welding power supply, and improves dynamic characteristics and arc stability greatly, which in

     turn guarantees welding quality of this accurate welding center to the maximum degree and reduces welding

     defect to the minimum level;

  12) Operation and maintenance of this automatic welding center involves one operator only. For the automatic

     welding center itself, we have operating panel on the control board and a remote pendant (see attached 

    pictures); For the GMAW welding power supply, it is equipped with console for management.

 Fig3 Console


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