High Precision Automated Length Direction Angle Steel Straightening Machine
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High Precision Automated Length Direction Angle Steel Straightening Machine


Background of Development of High Precision Angle Steel Straightening Machine:


  1. Angle Steels is a kind of hot-rolled raw material of carbon steel or stainless steel, which has many applications in industries of Steel Structure, Iron Tower, Road Construct, Bridge Building, etc.;

  2. Depending on specific usage, it has several specifications from small to large;

  3. Because of its long length compared with size of its cross-section, and issues with its Package/Transport/ Shipment, it is very often that the Angles may have deform along its lengthwise direction, before being put into use at working site;

  4. Before advent of the ASM-series Length Direction Angle Steel Straightening Machine, straightening of the Angle Steel along its long length direction was made by hand-- To knock the Angles with hammer manually. It is very painstaking, time consuming, without consistent and good straightening result. Especially for large Angles (160mm/ 200mm), to knock it straight is a very hard job;

  5. There is no written standard on straightness of Angles either national or in industry. This is another factor making disorder in Angle Steel straightening;

  6. Around 6~7 years ago, we (Wuxi JACK) took the lead to devise, had trial-produce, validate and then put ASM-series Angle Iron Straighten Machine to the market, bridging the gap in this subdivision work, brought along revolutionary progress in terms of both Angles straightening technology, and straightening quality (or effect).


To guarantee high standard of straightening process, besides the “Roller Carriage” and its “Press Plate” introduced in ASM160, the Automatic Angle Iron Straighten Machine is equipped with Indicating Rulers as below. It serves as negative feedback to the operator, displaying the actual downward stroke of top rollers, making the whole straightening process into a closed-loop control.

 Fig 微信图片_20210619182332

Another highlight of the High Precision Angle Steel Straightening Machine is, with the structure of straightening rollers (both top and bottom) enclosed in the cavity of machine body, it can be protected perfectly against outside intrusion, making strict contamination control on the straightening rollers, which is critical component of the machine.


Besides high standard on hardware of High Precision Angle Iron Straighten Machine, for manipulating straightening process, with years of experience and feedback from customers, we also compile Rule-of-Thumb data on suggested downward stroke for each top roller of each model under each specification of Angles. Mentioned it in ASM100. It is a guide on operation with great value.


With these measures taken, the straightening effect of the Length Direction Angle Iron Straighten Machine can be up to below ±2mm/1m, or below ±1°/90°, in the form of consistent and high speed delivery.


Below is specification of ASM-series High Precision Angle Steel Straighten Equipment:



Technical   parameter

ASM63 ~ 200

Min. Cross-Section size of

Angle Steel (mm)

20 ×20×3 ~ 60 ×60×5

Max. Cross-Section size of

Angle Steel (mm)

63 ×63×8 ~ 160 ×160×12

Max. Length of Angle Steel (mm)


Angle Steel   Straightening Speed (mm/min.)


Straightening   Rollers Interval (mm)

393 ~ 697

Straightening   Rollers Quantity

4/3 (Top / Bottom) for ASM63/100

5/4 (Top / Bottom) for ASM130/160/200

Input Conveyor   Length (m)

5.8 (Or designated by customer)

Output Conveyor   Length (m)

5.8      (Or   designated by customer)


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