HYJ&YTJ-series High Efficiency Vertical Automatic H Beam Flange Straightening Machine
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HYJ&YTJ-series High Efficiency Vertical Automatic H Beam Flange Straightening Machine


As sump up, this is product category covering all the previous introduced automatic H Beam flange straighten equipment. These products have common ground of:

  1) Purpose: To straighten H Beam flange deform after submerged arc welding;

  2) H Beam Position during straightening process: Flange is in the direction of “Vertical”;

  3) Straightening Unit: All these I Beam Flange straightening machines (same meaning as for H Beam) straighten

      the flange by means of the T-cavity, which is formed by the 2 pieces of top straightening rollers and 1 piece of

      bottom straightening roller;

To achieve this target of flange straightening on various thickness and material (Q235, Q345, 16Mn, etc.), there are several variations with these automatic I Beam flange straightening machine in terms of:

  1) Straightening rollers movement and driving style:

     -  Whether it is top or bottom straightening rollers to perform the job;

     -  Whether it is driven with mechanical motor reducer or hydraulic station;

  2) Machine structure on Top Straightening Rollers Span Manipulation (To cater for changed flange width)

       and Web Tighten Unit:

     - As introduced in previous products, for these important units affecting straightening outcome, whether it is

       made with manual handwheels thru lead-screw, or hydraulic oil cylinder;

  3) Power of Main Motor and Hydraulic Oil Pump, and hence its Pressure and Output Torque  

     -  These are determined by specific workpiece size and flange thickness;

  4) Execution unit

    - Straightening rollers of these high efficiency H Beam flange straighten equipment have varied size (diameter)

      based on web height and thickness;

    - Which means, in general, straightening rollers of hydraulic I Beam flange straighten machine are larger than

       those of mechanical type;

     - Within the product group of mechanical automatic I Beam flange straighten machine, straightening rollers of

        HYJ-800 are larger than those of HYJ-40;

     - This is true with hydraulic I Beam flange straightening equipment also, that descending sequence in terms of

       straightening roller size is YTJ80/60/50/40;

  5) Consumable

    - There isno consumable with this product family of high power H Beam flange straighten equipment;

    - The parts with maximum wear are top and bottom straightening rollers. They are forged integrally, of material

      35CrMo, and hardness HRC50-55, guaranteeing long life without defects such as cracking. These straightening

     rollers have same service life as the machine;

  6) Straightening speed

      These mechanical and hydraulic automatic I Beam flange straightening equipment have different straightening

      speed as below:

      - HYJ-800:                     17m/min.;

      - HYJ-40, YTJ-40/50:     9m/min.;

      - YTJ-60/80:                  6.3m/min.

In the production of welding H Beam, flange straightening has the quickest speed, compared with the former steps of H Beam assembly and SAW.


In this sense, HYJ-40 is more applicable for automatic H Beam production line:

  • Usually for an automatic H Beam line, submerged arc welding is bottleneck, with welding speed of average 2m/min.;

  • With 4 sets of LHC column-type SAW machine in a line, the SAW welding matches with 9m/min. straightening speed of HYJ-40 better than 17m/min. of HYJ-800;

  • In automatic line, operator of the HYJ-800 needs to wait for delivery of SAW process, which deteriorates Line Balance Rate  

  7)  Straightening Effect

    - With work of these I Beam flange straighten equipment, flange straightness should be ≦±2mm/200mm after 

      being straightened;

  8) Machine Installation& Maintenance

    - We have manual book delivered together with the machine. In the manual it describes in detail requirement 

      and steps on the job;

    - We will dispatch experts to customer site for machine installation, commissioning, training and acceptance;

    - To meet the target of the above-mentioned straightening effect, there is request on levelness of the 

       straightening machine:

  • After installation of the machine, its levelness should be ≦ 0.8mm/m;

  • Parallelism between machine bed and holding-down table should be ≦ 0.6mm/m;

  • Entire guide-way linearity should be ≦ 0.5mm;

  • The fixing bolt joining machine bed and holding-down table can only be secured after leveling of the machine;

  • Pour cement after adjustment, and secure foundation bolts and nuts after finishing curing and drying of cement.


Below are specifications of this product family of mechanical and hydraulic HYJ&YTJ-series Automatic H Beam Flange Straightening Machine:





Mechanical and hydraulic HYJ&YTJ-series Automatic

Straightening Power

Motor Reducer/ Hydraulic Pump station

H Beam Material


Tensile strength 370~ 510MPa; 510~600MPa

Flange Thickness (s) (mm)

6 ~ 40/50/60/80

Special-made available

Flange Width (b) (mm)

200 ~ 800;

300 ~ 1200

Web Thickness (a) (mm)


Web Height (h) (mm)

200 ~ 1500/

500 ~ 2500

H Beam Length (mm)

4000 ~ 12000

Straighten Speed (mm/min)

≈6300/ 9000/   17000

Main Motor Power (kW)


Hydraulic Station Power   (kW)

5.5 /9/ 11

Power Supply

3P 380V for China

Can be made on country of customer


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